Saturday, June 16, 2007

You Wanna Hear Crazy?

From DU: An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi:

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

These past six years we have witnessed a great deal. We have have witnessed a man who took office as a result of electoral fraud shred our constitution and slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. We have seen the looting of our treasury through no bid contracts to Halliburton. We have seen the illegal wiretapping of tens of millions of innocent Americans. We have seen torture, we have seen thousands of Americans in caskets and we have seen them come home with severed limbs and shattered souls. We have seen the photos of children with burns covering their bodies. We have seen the people floating through the streets of New Orleans. We have seen too many things that we never want to see again.

The crimes committed by the Bush Administration may well be the worst crimes ever committed in America by anyone. You can stack up all the famous serial killers and their combined death toll does not come close to the death toll this Administration has racked up. And what kind of punishment are these people being handed down for their crimes? Hearings. Not accountability, just Congressional hearings with no action resulting. We have seen more than enough evidence, you have way more than enough to impeach and it is time you put that option back on the table immediately. You must use the full power of Congress to bring this Administration down.

I don't want to hear any excuses that you do not have the votes, put the members of Congress on record. Make each and every one of them state whether or not they approve of the serious crimes that are happening in the White House. Even if the impeachment motion fails we will at least have been able to bring the criminal nature of the Bush Administration closer to the public eye, and we can set the stage for war crimes trials which don't need approval from Congressional Republicans to move forward as soon as these people leave office.

It is your choice Speaker Pelosi, you can either be the hero who worked valiantly to save this nation, or you can be the person who sat back and did nothing to hold the worst criminals our nation has ever seen accountable for their actions.

This is your moment, the fate of the nation may well lie in your hands.


The People Who's Futures Are Threatened By This Administration (MN Against Bush)

DUers Chime In:

--I'm There For Al, So Long As He Hurls His Handlers Into the Deepest Parts Of Hell

Al must be Al, and he will crush the bastards. By the way, crushing our enemies at this point is what I am into. I was into negotiations in the Tip O'Neill/Gerald Ford eras, and even when Reagan and Bush 1 were presidents. Now, crush the opposition. Let them hear the lamentations of their supporters, as the cries of the families of the dead and those who support the Constitution have wept. I seek no negotiations. Crush them, or let them crush me, but the U.S.A. can't exist as I and Lincoln and Washington and FDR envision it, versus how Bush and Cheney envision it. So bring it. They win on power, we win on numbers. (faygokid)

--Note To Wingnuts: I Don't CARE If You Are A Veteran, Black, Hispanic, Gay Or Whatever!!! If you are a... effing (RIGHT)WINGNUT, there's nothing to discuss!!! (UTUSN)

Of all the immature, overly-dramatic, self-involved bit of egotism I've ever read, this wins the prize! The 'People Who's Futures Are Threatened By This Administration' are absolutely certifiable! Yessiree, they put the "D" in demonization! Is it any wonder that the good Dr. Krauthammer coined the phrase 'Bush Derangement Syndrome'?

They've bought the party line hook, line and sinker. Open their every lunch bag or back pack and I expect Mao's Little Red Book to fall out and all of us get sent to re-education camps! Yes, they all think they're sooooo important, sooooo dynamic, and that they have their fingers on the pulse of just what will set things aright! They'd rather their leaders ruin this administration than do any actual leading of their own. Revenge is on their minds and they want to get even for Bubba's impeachment more than anything in the world.

There's even talk of boosting AlGore into the presidency via a write-in campaign and massive groundswell of support. The Demmies think that this will ultimately dial-back in time the hands of the clock and everything will be as it 'should' have been. I truly think that, with a little practice, all these latter-day hippies and wannabes think they'll be able to backup until it's the Summer Of 'Love' once again!

Nobody will be threatened, the WTC has yet to be built, the MSM never heard the word 'jihad'--and Bobby Kennedy lives... yeehaw! Surely, surely Utopia is just around the next bend! They don't have to grow up or get old--nobody does; for many, it's still 1967. If it's not, we're gonna pay. It's Bush's fault all their dreams don't come true.


Blogger Russet Shadows said...

I hope they do get Gore to run again. We have so much material on that man that he would become Sharpton. It would be positively hilarious to see him try to win again.

The Dem base has no way to appeal to anyone outside of their party. So as they move further and further left with their xenophobic, unhinged screeds, they'll end up with someone who can win the primary, but not win the election. That's why I hope they get Al Gore, Kucinich, or someone else crazy like that.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous galen said...

I see Hillary and Obama are starting to eat each other alive -sm. bites at first.

6:12 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Derangement is the truth! Unhinged, in serious need of some smacks on their behinds!
RS, I agree, get "the tree" to run(errr, roll) and watch the dhimmis get their heads handed to them, again!
Silly creatures...


12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are these idiots going to do with themselves when this President leaves office? Good God, talk about a bunch of self-indulgent, spoiled little drama queens. G'damned bunch 'o' trust-fund cry babies. Like anyone or anything has prevented them from doing and saying anything they want. Good men and women in uniform are dying for these little pukes. J'Mac.

1:25 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

Hey J Mac good to see you. Hillary will run against Rudy and go down

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker, hey, no conincidences! I was going to pop in on your blog. I was afraid, jeez, would he remember me, I've been away so long! How are you, whats new? J'Mac.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

What are we going to do when this bunch of criminals and incompetents leaves office? Well, like the great majority of Americans (over 72%) we are just counting the days until we can start. So, what does the future look like?

Well, first we are going start by restoring the constitutional rights that all of our veterans fought and died for. Then we will start to work on strengthing our armed services and increasing (not decreasing) benefits for those who have fought for our freedom. Right at the top of our list will be making our homeland secure by better protections for our ports, borders and other entry points. Next we will start to undo the damage this group has done to our childrens heritage by attempting to balance the budget again. After that we will tackle working with our allies in the GWOT. If we have time, we will work on health care for all, cheaper and better and getting rid of the undue influence of big pharma. Yes, that will be for you too J'Mac. After that we will restore the funding levels for NIH and NSF to make America the world leader in science again. And the government will LISTEN to REAL scientists, not the hacks installed by this imcompetent. And also, we will make sure that agencies like FEMA and OSHA have the resources they need to help people when they need it. (You can thank OSHA for the A/C by the way)We will also have to depoliticize departments like Justice and anywhere else hacks have replaced competent administrators.

So, we will be very busy, undoing the damage of the last 7 years. Your kids will appreciate it and probably be very proud of you that you looked beyond your own self-interest and considered their future.

4:00 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--Oh yes, Les, I am well aware of all the 'dynamic' changes the Dems are busy putting into place... LOL! Getting a lot done in Congress, aren't you? So far, all you've done is let millions of illegals into this country and said any threat from outside is a bumpersticker--good going!

Yes, and I really want to wait 8 months for a doctor's visit and 14 months for an operation (the stomach surgery that I had in 2000 in 5 weeks, Canadian girls waited up to 2 YEARS for--yep, we really need communist medicine!

Our Unk in Edmonton waited 8 months for a heart test he could've had the next week, here...

Les, as you get more experienced politically, you'll get used to seeing the Dems promise all manner of Utopia that they intend to usher in--but produce very little, in reality.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty tall order Les. Actually,aside from a dismal failure on immigration,the George Bush I know certainly isn't the one you and the DU'ers have running through your fevered brains. really, you morons need to stop acting like a bunch little girls who didn't get invited to a slumber party. Grow up and stop taking yourselves so seriously. J'Mac.

6:40 AM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

J Mac

You need no introduction on my site.

Les the job of troll on my site has allready been filled by the Duck who has got fans. Our site has an official troll who is designated and expected to maintain high standards. We do not like crying or people who repeat themselves.

I have been on a few radio show and everyone wants a Beakerkin Ducky showdown. He amazingly seems to end up on newer blogs I frequent.

We need to get Mike to visit my site as the Duck thins the greatest threat to the planet is LIBERTERIANS.

9:13 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

BEAK LOL!--I'd love to see THAT showdown!

10:08 AM  
Anonymous CATFLEAS said...

Galen, loved your observations of the pre-election dogfights. Small bites, with bigger bites to come!

Les -don't you see the lies, deceit, and bitterness oozing from the Dem party. You can step in it and slide every day. And Hillary is so obviously spouting communism. Do you really want a communist government? I don't!

9:36 PM  

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