Friday, July 27, 2007

Not MORE Demmie Wrongdoing???!!!

More Vote Fraud in Palm Beach

Palm Beach County, Fla. -- home of the infamous "hanging chad” of the disputed 2000 presidential election -- is again the scene of voting controversy.

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County has uncovered at least 60 cases of voters it believe voted twice –- once in New York and once in Florida -- in the Nov. 7, 2006, general election.

In that investigation, the Daily News broke down those with double registrations as 68 percent Democrats, 12 percent Republicans and 16 percent without a listed party affiliation.


Up to 85% of these frauds are Democrat party frauds--and it could be even more than that, depending on how you have to declare yourself in FL before you vote. These sonuvabitches have their nerve saying the presidential elections were stolen for Bush...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We ABSOLUTELY MUST prosecute this!! You know that voter fraud investigations are at the heart of the problems that Al Gonzalez faces right now. Those 8 DAs were fired for dragging their feet on voter fraud investigations.

The DemTraitors are mad as hell about that and are trying to make the whole thing as painful as possible.

That's what happens when "right" and "wrong" are nothing more than political equations.


4:12 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Amen, Morgan! Let's see that snot Less come on here and pretend this just didn't happen! I swear, the demonrats have the ethics of rocks!

4:41 AM  
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