Friday, July 27, 2007

Here's One For Les Ismore:

Blissfully Uneducated

Is “ho”—the rapper slang for the slur “whore”—a bad word? Always, sometimes, or just when an obnoxious white male like Don Imus says it? But not when the equally obnoxious Snoop Dogg serially employs it?

Is the Iraq war, as we are often told, the “greatest mistake” in our nation’s history?
Because Israel and the United States have a bomb, is it then O.K. for theocratic Iran to have one too?

Americans increasingly cannot seem to answer questions like these adequately because they are blissfully uneducated. They have not acquired a broad knowledge of language, literature, philosophy, and history.

Instead, our youth for a generation have been fed a “Studies” curriculum. Fill in the blanks: Women’s Studies, Gay Studies, Environmental Studies, Peace Studies, Chicano Studies, Film Studies, and so on. These courses aim to indoctrinate students about perceived pathologies in contemporary American culture—specifically, race, class, gender, and environmental oppression.

Such courses are by design deductive. The student is expected to arrive at the instructor’s own preconceived conclusions. The courses are also captives of the present—hostages of the contemporary media and popular culture from which they draw their information and earn their relevance.

The theme of all such therapeutic curricula is relativism. There are no eternal truths, only passing assertions that gain credence through power and authority. Once students understand how gender, race, and class distinctions are used to oppress others, they are then free to ignore absolute “truth,” since it is only a reflection of one’s own privilege.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

DONAL that was a fantastic article! VDH really put his finger on the heart of the problem. The political left-and too many children coming out of their schools-CANNOT discern between simple right and wrong, good and bad because to them, those are POLITICAL considerations.
How did they get to that place in life? Well read the article.

Also, I thought the last three paragraphs were the most powerful.


5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll see ya'll tomorrow night. I'm off to do an antebellum tour of Macon with my sister and daughter. While I'm there I'll look for the white lesismores! LOL!


6:03 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

I agree, Morgan.

I think we are slowly coming to some important conclusions about what went wrong in America.

The rot began with the most narcissistic generation ever produced ... and those same fools grew up to become educators of our children.

We have to wrest control of education from the leftwing slime.

Then things just might get better in this country.

One of VDH's most powerful essays.


2:37 PM  

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