Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jean's Treatise On the War and Being A Patriot

Why This Isn't Over, Already

I caught some of the President's press conference this afternoon regarding his comments on Iraq. Many things he said were like reading commentary right here. I do not like war, but boys and girls, things are over when they are over--not at a time of my choosing.

The president stressed how the world and Iran, and others, view people who get weak. He talked about Al Qaeda being in Iraq--the same people who attacked us on 9-11--and how they seek to establish a nice safe-haven to do more such attacks, to make the whole world in their image. We had all better toughen up.

Yes, I still support George W. Bush. He made some bad choices in leaders over there but, I assure, you that these generals are selected based on politics. Think real hard about what has been in our military world the past 15 years or so.

You know, we have to be realistic; you don't support someone only when the going is easy--you have to endure the tough parts, too. In the old days, people accepted responsibility and realized how life worked. Now, we seem to think everything is like movie-of-the-week, fixed in an instant, and it is not.

In 1776, they sure as hell did not know what was around the corner--only that they had to win, some way, somehow. Only a small portion of the population actually supported the patriots.
Well, I reckon the more the world changes, the more some things stay the same. Winning freedom, liberty, and dealing with bad guys takes more than a few bumper stickers and pep rallies. It means courage and doing the right thing, no matter how tough.

So far, I have not had to do much, this president hasn't asked for a whole lot except support for the people doing all the heavy lifting, and all he gets is kicked and told,"hey, why isn't this over all ready?" I say, for shame!

Anyone who thinks WWII went off without a single mistake, let me tell YOU something: "come here, I got a bridge I want to sell you!"

An American Patriot

I am ordinary, just a citizen of wonderful place that was founded on some scared, tired, and fed up people, begging for freedom.

Today, as I watched my President, I was ashamed of myself--of a lot of my fellow citizens. People can lie, they deliberately lie, some do things just to further their own agenda. However, one thing I know about the President is, he is not a liar.

Someone said, after 9-11 happened, "today, we learn what it is like to live in Israel. This is life for us; everyday, we never know what will hit us. We havebeen fighting this enemy for a long time."Oh I listened--and I agreed--but now, I am seeing that this battle for both of us will go on for a long, long time.

The president said that at best we hope, after a time, the terrorists in the middle east will be marginalized. Right then and there, I knew he wasn't blowing sunshine up my skirt. He sees the reality and hopes that we can build on something there in Iraq. Will it be perfect? No. Can any say yes, we will bomb the heck out of Iran, bomb Korea... bomb this, bomb that. Is this the answer? Sometimes you have to get real and assess the truth--and I think George Bush did.

Has he made errors? Of course. Did Donald Rumsfeld? Maybe, probably... Did Tommy Franks?He probably did, too. However, we shift and we pick up our bat and ball, and we go back out there and do our job.

Bush knows the stakes, better than I, what will happen. He was honest today. He practically said there will be no west, no future if we don't fight this fight. It was stated that these people kill children, women--anyone with whom they disagree.

Sure, I do not believe in worship of a man, but I guess, growing up on military installations, I back my leader--not buck him, undermine him, and constantly carp. The Commander-In-Chief is the sole leader--not Congress, or senators, or news men. In future, I think we will all look back and think, thank GOD, President Bush was there!

No, I will not back people who say, "cut and run, we are too afraid to face the truth". Right now, we have some overgrown hippies telling us all it is just a bad dream and if we all get together for a group hug and roll a big one, it will all go away. It will not. How long has Israel struggled? Is it over for them? It is not over--until they or us--is declared the winner. I figure this will take another 30 years to get to where the heathens are scared to mess with us so boldly, but that might be optimism on my part.

Years ago, I said it all went back to Iran and that coward Jimmy Carter... We are reaping years and years of the old way, the old times of appeasing and kicking-the-can-down-the-road. They all knew the truth then and they tried all sorts of crazy plans--including using Saddam to checkmate old Iran. No, now we have to do what we have to do.

My ancestors would be appalled at the cowardice of the average citizen, today.

We have to do our duty.

God Bless America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are so right again.

Many times I wonder what happened to AMERICAN PATRIOTISM .How it became a four letter word.Why on the forth of July only our house had the American flag flying with pride on our street.

Worse , our MSM is harping on our patriotism , making us hate our country,refuse to fight for our freedom and be on the side of our enemy.


The most beautiful words in the American English languauge.

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

Thanks for your music , mandolin.


10:03 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, Jean has truly outdone herself, here! I've been wanting an article-length piece from her from some time! She sure hits the nail on the head!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous z said...

Great sentiment, and so movingly put..thanks, Jean...and Donal!!

4:37 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

The lack of staying power in Americans can be seen in the divorce rate! We have become a microwave society in a crockpot world! And the ends won't be tied after 40 minutes of show and 20 minutes of commercials.
It is time to grow up and act like adults!

And tell giving up to my late, who when he couldn't work anymore took over the homeschooling of our 2, until he died! That is maturity and love!

4:44 PM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Great essay - Jean needs to do more of them.....

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Cassie said...

Jean, you're a very good writer! It's been a long time since we've seen this kind of patriotism -good for you!

And the dems just think it's all mindless jingoism.... theydon't have a clue.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Patsy said...

The one point that is driven home in this column is this; the President, this President: George W. Bush, is a man of honor and integrity who has been mightily challenged during his term of office.

He has served us all well and faithfully while enormous opposition has been brought to bear against him. As citizens of the USA, we have our own duties and responsibilities, especially in wartime.

Instead of fulfilling those duties, we have been sitting on the sidelines, allowing our Commander-in-Chief to suffer his fate, alone. We've left him, for the most part, undefended by those of us who SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING HIS BIDDING.

I will no longer sit idly by and allow the attacks on this President to go unrefuted. From here forward, I am going to defend my President.

I am going to do my duty to this country and I am going to stand up to the liberals who want to destroy us all.

Thank you Jean for reminding me of what it means to be a good citizen.

7:23 AM  

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