Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saluting the White Flag

Saluting the White Flag
By Bob Weir

From the time we're in grammar school, all the way through our adult lives we've been taught to take responsibility for our actions and not place blame on others for something we did. It's one of the essential elements of integrity. There was a time in our history when we could at least hope to look up to our elected officials and view them as statesmen, because they represented character traits we admired.

Those traits and the courage to take a stand against evil would make us proud to follow them into battle. But today, we see many of them behaving like duplicitous children, pointing fingers at classmates and lying to the teacher about who threw the spitball. One of the most obnoxious traits is the willingness to conveniently forget what they supported in the past in order to gain political advantage in the present.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"poltroon" is a GREAT word. I haven't heard that in a LONG time, but how apt when describing the Dem/traitors!


3:54 PM  

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