Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vets For Freedom Makes Their Point

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First Lt. Hegseth Takes the Hill
By Stephen Spruiell

While the Senate was gearing up for its all-night Iraq debate-a-thon Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting around the bar at the American Legion hall in southeast, D.C. talking politics with some of the guys from Vets for Freedom, a group of veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who oddly enough think we should try to win both conflicts. Sentiment seems to be running the other way on Capitol Hill these days, so the Vets came in from all over the country Tuesday to meet with senators and express the importance of giving Gen. David Petraeus and his new counterinsurgency strategy time to work.

At around 5 P.M. the bar went quiet, and the bartender switched the TV from the usual ESPN to Hardball with Chris Matthews, where the excitable host was just launching into a debate segment with Vets for Freedom executive director Pete Hegseth and MSNBC commentator Ron Reagan. Matthews started the interview on the offensive. Several Vets muttered “C’mon Pete” as Matthews repeatedly interrupted Hegseth to ask him how much longer the American people should stick it out in Iraq. Hegseth struggled a bit before finding his footing, but then really started landing some blows:


Vets For Freedom


Anonymous bobcat said...

Hey, good for these guys - I'm behind 'em all the way!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Vets

Nothing but respect and admiration from me .


11:48 AM  

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