Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Do They Know, and When Did They Know It?

Rose Law Firm Not Backing Hillary

A wide gulf has opened between presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her old employer, the Rose Law Firm — to the apparent satisfaction of both sides.

Clinton does not make a single mention of the firm on her Web sites. And even though she is arguably the firm’s most famous ex-employee, Rose does not mention Hillary on its Web site either.

Clinton joined Rose in 1976, becoming the venerable firm’s first full female partner in 1979, and she continued to work for Rose after husband Bill became governor of Arkansas.

But in many minds Rose became inexorably linked to the scandals that surrounded the Clintons during his presidency: notably Whitewater and the missing billing records from Rose that were found in Hillary’s book room at the Executive Mansion, The Politico observes.

These days Rose is “a paranoid shell of its former self,” according to Politico. The firm — founded in 1820 — presently employs 32 lawyers, down from 53 attorneys in 1991, when Bill Clinton launched his White House bid.

Within the office, every document is shredded to prevent journalists from rifling through trash for company records. When Hillary announced she was forming an exploratory committee earlier this year, partners sent out e-mails warning lawyers not to speak to the media about Clinton.

The firm does still have a Clinton connection — Rose represents the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, an international non-profit organization.

But only one Rose partner has reportedly contributed to Hillary’s campaign. CEO Steve Joiner gave $250 in March.


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