Friday, August 10, 2007

And Lessy Says WE Blame! LOL!

Democrat Underground Tries To Poison All Against U.S.A.

*Are There EU Forums We Can Go To To Tell Them They Have Been Scammed By the Bu$h Crime Family...

...involving the home loans... and say we are sick of them, too?

*Did Anyone See the Moron Pig and His Dad Out In the Boat...

...while our troops are dying, our bridges are falling apart, innocent people dying, the economy keeps dropping, the miners are still buried and the jerk who never works is out playing and doesn't give a shit? He said Gonzo has done nothing wrong and he isn't going to do anything about him.If those crooks stay in the White House, our planet is going to blow up and yet George is smiling and waving like he thinks he is human.

*The Coming "Bush Aftermath": What Will It Look Like?

National debt piling up, credit crunch from sub-prime fallout, standard of living in free-fall, foreclosures on the rise, bankruptcies increasing daily, corporate failures, a depleted U.S. military, national reputation in ruins, wars-without-end, class system between those with health-care and those without, infrastructure collapsing, domestic spying on our citizens by the government...How do you see what I am calling the "Bush Aftermath" shaping up?Can you put on your collective future gazing specs and tell us what you see the country looking like in two more years?

*To NON-DU: If Your CEO Killed Your Kids, Bankrupted Your Company, Spied On Employee Personal Lives...

...would you keep him employed for another year, just because he has another year on his contract... further allowing him the time he needs to destroy your home and the livlihood of you and your future generations just to make him and his cronies a LOT richer?

What has to happen before you'll take action--any action--to fix the problem? Does your house have to be burning down in flames on top of you before you notice something is drastically wrong?

The house has burnt down, our entire life savings have been squandered uselessly, our environment has been almost irreversibly poisoned, our children sacrificed at the altar of the golden calf, our planet is suffocating slowly to death--BUT--don't worry, Pollyanna. Let's just wait one more year and in 2008, the brand new President will fix everything!

Now, whatever you do--don't make waves! Don't send millions of letters to every Congressmen everyday. You can stomp your feet and hold your breath if you want to. But above all else, JUST SIT THERE, be real patient, obedient, be quiet... just like millions and millions of other Americans... Sit there and WATCH Rome burn!

This is the worst collection of Blame-It-On-Bush I've seen today! (There will be more tomorrow; I could fill up every single page everyday, all day--just from DU!) The negativity and hatred is astounding. They even try to poison the opinion overseas of the United States! Imagine, trying to find European forums in which to bad mouth this country and to say they are against it, 'too'!

You really want this in office in 2008??? Why?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DU web-site is the best tool out there to let Americans know what they're in for if they vote for Democrats. The last thing in the world you'd want to do is shut DU down, really. Napolean said" Never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake''. Let the Dems keep prostituting for MoveOn and DU and Daily Kos, they'll pay for it. Revolutions devour their own children and Heaven forbid these Dems win the White house in '08, the fine young cannibals of theDU and MoveOn, the Children of the Corn will be turning on the Dems. Trouble is though, in these times, putting the Dems in charge of this nations foreign policy and its defense would be like giving a set of car keys and a bottle of whisky to a teen-ager. Johnnymac.

3:55 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, but even if DU DID shut down, those folks would only go to KOS, or BuzzFlash, Indymedia etc. Every bug finds a home!

4:03 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

I think the word is Blab-o-crat!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Less, you're nothing but a whiny little bitch.

8:04 AM  

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