Sunday, September 09, 2007

Binny Declares A Party!

Bin Laden Tape Is Liberal Rant!
By Rush Limbaugh

He's blaming the United States for global warming and stealing the world's resources. It is a liberal rant. It's everything you would hear out of San Francisco. It's what you would hear from a major college campus, take your pick of a professor.

It's on the Senate floor. It's anything you would hear out of the mouth of an average elected Democrat. It's stunning.

I can't wait to get a hold of the actual transcript of this thing, because it's obviously in a language -- (speaking gobbly gook) -- and it would be worthless to play that because we can't understand it. We're going to get the transcript of this.

It may not happen until Monday, but I was watching the Drive-Bys. Jim Miklaszewski on PMSNBC was going through a brief summary of the transcript. He was focused on how this is not going to help the Democrats. Well, what do you think? Whose side are they on anyway?

Why is this a surprise? The Democrats in this country are invested in defeat, they own defeat. They're cementing that investment today and yesterday, and they'll do so next week when the Petraeus report comes out. How can anybody assume they're on anybody's side but Bin Laden's?



Anonymous galen said...

I see nobody is taking on the Rush!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't WAIT to read the entire transcript of this Bin Laden speech. Once we get it we need to pull it apart paragraph by paragraph and ask, "who said this? John Edwards or Osama?" Or Hillary Clinton or Osama? Or Obama or Osama? Keith Ellison or Osama. Ward Churchill or Osama.

We have to use entire paragraphs or the weasely and shameful leftists will say that we "took THEIR quotes out of context." This promises to be a bonanza of leftist talking points! No wonder the MSM has buried it already.


3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Israel they doubt that this is really OSAMA.

The black beard and strange brows are not his .

Even the content of his so called speech is not his regular comedy shtick.

So who knows .

I never expected anything but lies to come out form the Arab world .


8:31 AM  

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