Saturday, September 29, 2007

Justice Gore; Fairy Story Or Nightmare?

FROM DU: Gore IS Running, But Not For President:

Al Gore is not going to run for president, nor is he going to support any last minute petions to get him on the ballot. Al Gore is a good politician, 2years ago when the first 'piggybanks' started filling with IOU's Hillary was formidable. To take on the Clinton's, in a rough and tumble would be self defeating.

No, Al has his eye, on what he considers a much higher post. Al Gore wants to be on the Supreme Court! By not running against Hillary he gets a HUGE IOU. By not being overly supportive, and endorsing too soon, he preserves an aura of separation from her so that, when nomination time comes around for the open slot on the court, Al Gore will face no open opposition and will still have the publics complete trust and confidence.

Politics is a long-winded thing, the average American cannot grasp it. Yet, stop and realize that the current crop of zealots and the incompetents they put into office have been planning this for nearly thirty years. Al Gore for SCOTUS! I can live with that. (Didereaux)

DU Chimes In:

--I could live with that. Hell, I'd give up a heck of a lot for that. Gore gets what's going on... I'd actually TRUST him on the SC... unlike ANY of the fuckwads there now. And I mean ANY.

--That would be awesome... I've been disgusted by them for years... even before the current crop of jackbooted jurists.

--This is an interesting thought... And one that I could certainly get behind... He is without question the most and best qualified for SCOTUS... That might be even more important than being President...

--I like it. The very institution that denied him the presidency. They would have to look him in the face every morning!

--I didn't know that but, where Al Gore is concerned, I am more than happy to learn it. That being the case, I would love to see him get a seat on the high court. We desperately need someone with his abilities and his sensibilities in that position.

--He apparently did attend law school at Vanderbilt but left without a degree to run for a seat in The House. (But) there is no requirement to be on the SCOTUS involving having passed a bar, nor even having a law degree. That is something that has merely become 'traditional'. There have been several academicians appointed over the decades. Some have excelled.

--The total effect is that one person, with good legal skills, good instincts and excellent political skills can turn this court from a 4-4-? to a solid 7-2 court. Go Al!

Yep... this is what the Democrats think is a good idea--to have this global climate catastrophe hypocrite on the Supreme Court! They can't see past their own fantasies of revenge for a presidency they imagine stolen. These Demmie flipdips try and make it seem like Gore left law school because of his 'career in politics', but it's obvious he just couldn't cut it there.

I can't imagine him anywhere near the judicial branch of our government--or, actually, any branch at all. Beware the plans laid by mice and men--believe me, these are the MICE!


Anonymous bobcat said...

I hope these people aren't serious.....

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, how could any other lefty appointee be any better? We all know what a buffoon he is, therefore if we HAVE to put up with a lefty Supreme, why not AlGore? He WILL NOT be respected by the other Supremes and will only cast ONE vote.

Better him than another Ginsberg or Sutter.

This sounds like a very real scenario. He and Wilhelm the Zipper have been seen together in public recently.


11:58 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Nightmare scenario...clintoon as a scotus...I faint!


1:22 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

Yes, Donal, I agree with your comment. Please, don't let this excuse for an American anywhere near any part of our government.

5:29 PM  
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