Saturday, September 22, 2007

THIS Is Democrat Military "Service"

FROM DU: The Phone Rang A Few Minutes Ago - It Was For My Daughter

She will be 18 real soon.

Me - She's at school, this is her mom, can I take a message?

Woman calling - When is a better time to reach her?

Me - Can I tell her whose calling?

Woman - This is the Army recruiting office.

Me - Don't you ever, ever call this house again! slam!

What is this? Do they have a list of people that are turning 18 soon, along with their phone numbers?I feel so violated!It's bad enough having them go to her school, but why do they have her name and phone number?? (pirhana)

DU Chimes In:

--You spend all your days as a parent doing all you can to protect your child, and bam, along come the vultures swooping down just in time for their 18th birthday.

--This is pretty unnerving. I remember recruiters only being allowed on campuses when I was that age and even then it something that had to be suspected for the shady practices and lies they would feed students. It pains me to see them moving the posts again.

--I'm surprised they haven't yet... passed a law refusing financial aid for college to anyone whose parents won't allow recruiters to meet with their kid first.

--They're getting desperate for body-bag fillers.

--I had a recruiter calling me when I was 17. He finally got me at home. After giving his pitch, I told him that I had taken "tons of acid, man." They never called again.

--Good for you!! That was quick thinking!

--They are desparate... no one wants to join... I mean it's a straight ticket to Iraq... no duh...

--At 18, your daughter has to opt out, if you want recruitment efforts stopped. (Address given releted.) File copies at both the school and the district office.

--I feel your pain... a Marine showed up at our door looking for our daughter. Needless to say he never got past me. You done good. Cheers!

--I opted my young'uns out of NCLB and then followed up with the letters from the Leave My Child Alone activist action...

--Yeah, they called for my daughter last year and they will be calling for my son next year. I will tell them not to waste their time calling back.

--"Oh, hang on. Let me get her"... Then, put phone next to stereo for 35 minute Grateful Dead jam. Rinse. Repeat.

--They'll call again. They are like stalkers. Wait till a recruiter wants to "hang out" with one of your kid's friends who has enlisted or signed up for a delayed enlistment. It's sick.

--I had a recruiter pull up into the drive way. He cornered me in school, but I refused to even speak with a recruiter. A friend of mine use go with them to Subway and Burger King just to get food with no intention of signing up.

--Next time... put them on hold and forget about it. I loathe their sick tactics too.

--That would creep me the freak out, too! Tell them to call republicons.

--"Montoya" calls regularly for my daughter... Same recruiter calls for her friend. They both graduated in 02, and this joker has been calling them ever since. Fuck you, Montoya, and all your asshole peers.

At DU, Democrat opinions about our troops scurry out like roaches in a filthy kitchen when the lights are turned off. THIS is how the Democrats really feel about serving in our armed forces. (Maybe it's a good thing; how would you men like having one of THESE Cheez Wiz's guarding your back?)

Don't be fooled by all their tough talk about their 'bravery' (and Les's silly claim that the military is overwhelmingly Democrat); they show themselves among their own.


Anonymous catfleas said...

Don't they get it? Without our troops there would be no America.

5:49 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Catfleas-They DO NOT want AMERICA, they want to 'feel good about themselves', which means they need to be victimized!
Which is perverse thinking, but they are a perverse generation!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


3:21 AM  

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