Thursday, September 20, 2007

That They Even Have To ASK...

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FROM DU: Why Shouldn't Ahmadinejad Lay A Wreath For 9/11?

IRAN Did Not Attack Us On 9/11 !!! I can't believe that the media is getting away with PUNKING us again in the exact same way!! Why shouldn't Ahmadinejad lay a wreath for the 9/11 victims? Iran held candlelight vigils in Tehran when the attack happened.

OH... and BY THE WAY you miserable warmongers, the IAEA says that Iran is complying with all verification requests, and inspection requests. (Just like Iraq did.. remember?)

We can't let the media get away with this again!!! (annabanana)

DU Chimes In:

--Why (not)? They lost people that day too... Why can't they honor their own victims at the site in which they died, if nothing else?

--Poor taste? What is in poor taste? Honoring the dead?

--But Iran was the original terrrorist state... In 1979 "students" took American diplomatic personnel hostage and kept them for months, with the full approval of the Iranian government.

--That did not happen in a vacuum. WE deposed a popular leader and replaced him with the thoroughly corrupt Shah of Iran WAY before this happened.

--Exactly right. After the ways in which we've screwed Iran. We are in no position to continue the irresponsible lying.

--Andrea Mitchell "reported" it this morning and immediately her report was biased. She called it a photo-op. This is not reporting, this is blatant opinion.

--Andrea Mitchell is one of the worst of the worst... Amen. I'm surprised she didn't put on a big pout and stamp her feet, "He's a bad, bad man".

--True, but the Bush junta are on a reckless agenda!!! And no one cares to stop them. A sad era.

--Neither did IRAQ. But that hasn't stopped Corporate McPravda from vaulting the propaganda. Robert Parry has pegged the lying warmongers.

--My point exactly. They have just returned to the same playbook that worked last time. Can we "catapult" high enough and fast enough to keep this one train on the track?

There will, no doubt, be more comments these people will make during the day... That they even have to ask such a reprehensible question--and then go on to either to excuse the man or champion him--makes me sick to my stomach.


Anonymous bobcat said...

These people are the sickest of the sick! This is absolute GARBAGE that they'd think this is OK.

How Less can think these people are on the side of 'good' Americans is LAUGHABLE!!!!

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iranians were killed at the Trade Center? Who knew. Screwing over Iran? Another revalation. Man, I'm so glad these DU'ers are around to enlighten me to the history I didn't know. Fecking little pukes. The ''good'' Americans they'd be is as organ donors. As in donating them now, while they're still breathing, know what I mean? J'Mac.

5:15 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Hi, J'Mac, Bob--Yes, these stupid asswipes will believe nearly anything in order to advance their flipdip ideas. Now they're feeling sorry for ol' Mahmood. Ask ME if I feel sorry for him...

7:05 PM  

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