Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Les Ismore Gets Spanked:

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Les's Accusation:

DONAL, you have to admit, you go to the same well, over and over again. Have you ever gone and read what Democrats, real Democrats are thinking. Have you ever gone to ThinkProgress or TalkingPointsMemo or Salon or even Slate. To wallow in the senseless postings of DU and declare that all Democrats are traitors is like me going to Free Republic and saying all Republicans are racist xenophobic jingoists. I mean it is a big, wide world out there and although you have made a nice little niche of harvesting from DU, no one except here thinks that is representative of the Democratic party.


My Answer To Him:

LES, get real. I don't 'go to the same well over and over''; like any sewer, your party's Leftist ideas have overflowed everywhere. LOTS of people think the ideas I post are QUITE representative of the Democrat party because YOU ALL, the Democrats from ALL walks--ACT them, say them, do them, publicize them, vote them. We constantly see it on tv, in every news broadcast, in thousands of YouTubies, from Congress, from protestors, in colleges, from professors--certainly from Noamie!--and certainly from ThinkProgress and TalkingPointsMemo and Salon and, yes, even Slate. We see it in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, for heaven's sake Les--it's EVERYWHERE!

I WILL SAY--AGAIN--THAT I DO NOT TAKE MY SOURCES SOLELY FROM DU. I do not post the one obscure backpage crazy from that website.

I only post opinions I see well-represented from ALL over the blogosphere, in tv, in newspapers, in books, in attitudes, in what local DemocratLeftists say, in what national DemocratLeftists say, all over this country, everytime they open their mouths, protest at the Capitol, or here at Ft. Lewis--I most definitely see it from nearly every DemocratLeftist we have in government today.

When I post something from DU--I don't have the time, nor the space, to ALSO post it from every place it is echoed in politics, media, education, books, tv, broadcasts, trends, celebrity opinions, Lefist ravings, popular entertainment, governmental records, public meetings, local council chambers, UnitarianZenKabbalahGreenieGlobalWarmingVegan religious figures and acolytes, 'progressive'/commie rhetoric, and the floor of Congress etc. (And even if I DID post 50 examples, you'd say that 51 was really needed. If I posted 51 examples--and don't think they're not out there--you'd move the goal posts further yet.)

Savvy people know this. Savvy people know that the things I post are represented in dozens and dozens of examples that they see everyday. We can:

--wake up to some traitorous mouthing from John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid etc.,
--start breakfast with CNN/MSNBC/CNBC etc. and some good old fashion slander of President Bush,
--take our morning coffee with Demmie-generated bogus-assed investigations of Scooter Libby, Al Gonzales, some do-less Fed. attorney firings, or our border guards attempts to keep us safe,
--eat lunch over reports of you and yours defacing the VietNam War Wall,
--sink into the after-lunch doldrums with some seditious squirt like Kucinich bad mouthing America in Syria,
--take afternoon tea with Jimmah Carter denouncing Israel,
--start our evening with some new Clinton scandal coming to light,
--drive home with Keith Olberman or Bill Maher saying our Vice President should die,
--start dinner with Allan Greenspan's idiocy about oil all over '60 Minutes' clock-face,
--attempt to keep our dinner intact during Cindy Sheehan's inevitable daily bid for attention,
--have our after-dinner coffee while hearing that protestors tried to keep need materiel from shipping out of Ft. Lewis to our troops,
--start dessert with the ads for the next LeftyWood antiwar movie showing on the tv,
--clear the dishes with Harry Reid rolling beds into the Senate chambers to keep Dems there to bully a majority vote to defund our men overseas,
--settle in for the evening with Lt. Watada going AWOL,
--have night fall with little Johnnie Edwards saying that any terrorism against the United States is just a 'bumpersticker',
--pour a nightcap with some Senate has-been questioning how 9/11 'really' happened,
--turn down our beds while Hillary says she's going to take the profits away from Exxon 'for our own good',
--brush our teeth with the whiteman's answer to Fat Albert telling us we'll 'have' to be made to stop our consumption of carbons, while standing in front of his private jet to God-knows-where, --climb into bed with the 'fair and balanced' NYT essentially' giving' MoveOn, by cutting the price of their ad, over one hundred thousand dollars to denounce and undermine General Petraeus, and
--go to sleep listening to a bastardized version of "God Bless the USA" that only tells of how much they despise and hate this country.

I couldn't get all this off only DU if I tried!

Your continual technique of pooh-poohing the messenger--rather than dealing with the message-- shows you to be an intellectual light weight. The best way to prove that not all Democrats support the things on my list is to quote from a Leftist source that gives evidence of that. Telling me 'nuh uhuhhhhhh!' every week--while having no evidence of your own--is just weak and lame.


P.S. Don't consider this in any way a 'shout out'--or anything else laudable. If I ran from the issues, and was shown up as badly in this as you have been, I'd be ashamed of myself and embarrassed to death!


Anonymous les ismore said...

Wow, I feel so spanked...

But where do I begin...so many things you seem to make up out of thin air.

"tune in to CNN/MSNBC/CNBC etc. for some good old fashion slander of President Bush," -
-Sorry Donal but that is called news. Facts have a way of getting in the way of your slanted, hateful views. Sorry.

"take our morning coffee with some more Demmie-generated bogus-assed investigations of Scotter Libby, Al Gozales, some do-less Fed. attorney firing"
-All instigated I might add by the Republican controlle DOJ

"drive home with Keith Olberman or Bill Maher saying our Vice President should die,
- Got a link???? I do, how about that Coulter skank and her opinions about the survivors of 9/11 and President Clinton? Didnt think so..

"-have night fall with little Johnnie Edwards saying that any terrorism against the United States is just a bumpersticker,"
- Try to get the quote right, I know it is hard but it was the GWOT was a bumpersticker.

I could go on and on but I gotta admit, this is just soooo easy.

Consider yourself spanked.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous les ismore said...

Thanks for the shout out Donal. Its going into my CV!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Les Ismore said...

Donal, please let everyone know you are changing my posts. Just as a disclosure.

3:05 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Another yawneroo from you, Les--you just don't know how to make an argument, and back up your facts with evidence. (I imagine any comment I make about you WOULD be a high enough point to go into your CV...)

If you really are in grad school with such paltry reasoning skills, then we're seeing the greatest AA slide-by in history.

Good luck to you, and better luck next time.

3:08 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, LES, I HAVE 'disclosed' before that I WILL take out the snidities, the snarky 'bwahahahas' and name-calling that you do. It's either that, or have the whole post go. I never change the content--and if you think I do, then you're free to post again the exact same material--just leave out the garbage insults and attempts and snark shots--and it'll be exactly what is reflected here already.

(I guess it's easier for you to post about THAT then marshall an argument with facts.... oh well....)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

Oh, good grief? He's serious!

Complete and total denial that the mainstream media and pop culture on television and music is overloaded with liberalism being rammed down our throats at every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade for the last 30 to 40 years!!!

You'd have to be deaf, dumb, blind and completely ignorant to not understand exactly what liberals are thinking.

For pete sakes! Unbelievable!

3:39 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES, because he has no argument, wants to focus on the messenger--not the message.

Maher wishes Cheney death:


Leahy head of committee doing investigations:


Edwards 'bumpersticker quote:


Here's the links you asked for; I know I won't get ANY from you--you've cut n' run once again. Thus, you've spanked no one but your own reputation.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider your teeth smashed in you fecking moron, I'd love to arrange that for you but Mrs.D more than did that. Coulter? The woman called those women for what they are and I've noriced they've shut up. Why would any of you Dems give a damn about anything connected to 9/11? Howard Dean claimed it was an inside job. Got a link? You fucking idiot, turn on Maher anytime day or night or go to his web-site or Olbermans, do your own homwork. Bill Clinton? That perverts name alone suffices as an insult, for that matter so does yours. tell me something Poindexter, why do you keep coming here anyway? Do you enjoy being humiliated. Now go ahead rage boy, try and spank me. I dare you. J'Mac.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRAVO DONAL!!!! Thats why I call you "The Sage 'O' Seattle! And you guys say I can write? Thank you but you're the wit and the writer here. J'Mac.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous galen said...

Les Ismore -- Donal can easily provide links, and often has, if you bother to look at her blog, of all the things she put in her article. We have all heard Edwards statement, Kucinch's words in Syria, Jimmy Carter's book, the MSM biased reports against Bush and our government, Hillary saying she'll take Exxon profits, the facts about Lt. Watada going A.W.O.L., was it Freeh who was questioning 911 a few days agao?, what Al Gore has said about global warming etc. Those things are public record.

Where's YOUR facts and links and sources? Donal's given you some--did you bother to look at the?

I didn't think so.

5:36 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Oh, thank you, J'MAC! How very kind of you to say so! What you said was wonderful--and it sure made me feel good! Thanks for adding your rock to mine in Les's direction. Now he's had his ass beat coming AND going!

5:39 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Galen, thanks, guy! Where have you been? You've been missed here for sure!

Yes, I ALWAYS put a link up if it's at all possible. That Les just keeps asking and asking and asking for the same ones over and over every day, means he just can't absorb!

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done DONAL. That was a pleasure to read.


7:17 PM  

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