Thursday, September 13, 2007

Traitor Kucinich's Butt-Smacker Legacy:

Kucinich Drapes Himself In Shame, Dishonor With Syria Visit, 9/11 'No' Vote
The Morning Journal

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is best ignored simply because it's impossible to take him seriously, and why waste one's time.

But his deluded anti-American behavior this past week has been so grotesque and offensive it demands attention.

Congress on Monday passed a resolution honoring the victims and heroes of Sept. 11 and ''reaffirming the commitment to defending the people of the United States against any and all future challenges.'' The vote was 334 to 1. The sole ''nay'' was cast by Kucinich.

In a statement issued from his alternate universe, Kucinich insisted that he really honors them all and really supports the troops, but found it impossible to support the resolution because it fails to condemn President Bush for lies, lies, lies (in the squinty eyes of Kucinich).


Kucinich In Syria

"...And of course, this is part of the tragedy - that our president is not understanding the mountain of evidence which indicates what a failure the policy in Iraq has been. Not only failure, but how totally wrong it was from the beginning. Because you can talk about something being a failure, and perhaps the cause may have been correct. But in this case, the cause was wrong from the beginning. In the Christian Bible, there is a phrase that says: "That which is crooked cannot be made straight." The effort against Iraq was dishonest, or crooked, from the beginning, and nothing good can come of it..." READ THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT:

Everybody reading these two articles--and much else about this man-wannabe--had better figure out just how shabby a President he would make. Look how he represents America!

Look at his sycophantic, obsequious, treasonous blathering--and then imagine Osama (or any of our other myriad muslim enemies) watching this spectacle. Just how safe would you feel? How safe would we be?



Blogger Pat said...

The behavior of Congressman Kucinich in Syria is nothing short of sedition.

A United States Congressman, even one who's running for President, isn't entitled to meet with the leader of the enemy and make overtures to that enemy, criticizing and degradating his own country's military efforts, strategy and Commander-In-Chief. That is an unlawful act, that is treason.

Congressman Kucinich is guilty of betraying his country and should be lined up against a wall and executed by firing squad. I'll be happy to donate the ammo.

What is it with these Congressmen who take it upon themselves to meet with foreign enemies, in a time of war, and bad mouth our government? If these legislators would prefer the higher position, that being the Presidency, then they need to get themselves promoted first, by running for the office and getting themselves elected.

If they can do that, then and only then, will they have the power and authority to meet with the foreign leaders hostile to our government. But they cannot lawfully do this until that time. Right now, George W. Bush holds that position, whether they agree with it or like it makes no difference.

The American people voted for President Bush. The position, authority and prerogatives are his.

Democrats, RINO's too, are required to respect our decision. They've undermine the American electorate.

8:37 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, Patsy--that WAS hysterical! LOVED IT!

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Patsy!


3:32 PM  

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