Tuesday, October 16, 2007

National Association for the Advancement of Chicano Prosperity

National Association for the Advancement of Chicano Prosperity

The North Carolina NAACP has been a nearly useless organization for years – ever since the demise of the KKK and racial segregation. Today, the only remnants of racial segregation in North Carolina come in the form of diversity initiatives in the UNC system. And the killing of black innocents is usually done by people in white lab coats – all in the name of a new civil right called “choice.”

But, make no mistake about it; the NAACP misses the days when white people really were doing a lot of harm to black people. This is because the organization needs to extort money from non-racist white people to survive. And, clearly, non-racist white people have more money than black people despite the fact that the government launched a war on poverty during the 1960s. The professors I work with are planning to protest the war as well as the government’s occupation of substandard housing projects just as soon as they can find a link to the Bush administration.

But, for the time being, the NAACP is giving the state of North Carolina two options related to a race riot that took place in Wilmington the century before the previous century – 1898, to be exact: 1. The State can grant reparations to blacks, or 2. The State can defend itself in a lawsuit brought by the NAACP.




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He has quite a way with words, Good article.

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Desperately seeking a life and purpose...

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