Monday, November 26, 2007

Archbishop 'Confused' About Radical Islam

Archbishop 'Confused' About Radical Islam
By Damian Thompson

One wonders what the millions of Christians persecuted by Islamist terrorists and governments will make of the Archbishop of Canterbury's interview with a Muslim lifestyle magazine. If they are looking for a condemnation of Islamic violence, they will be disappointed.

Dr Rowan Williams is "surprised" by the way Pakistani Muslims perceive local Christians as "deeply threatening". He feels that the Muslim world should be ready to acknowledge that "their present political solutions aren't always very impressive" and that they should consider learning from "classical liberal democracy". And that's it.

The rest of the interview is given over to attacking the United States and "Christian Zionists" - hardly a bold stance in a Muslim magazine.



Anonymous bobcat said...

This AB is a mess! I read earlier his opinion of America. I hope to heck he likes his Londonistan - that's what he's helping to fashion.

And as far a downing America so much, he'd better consider why he giving his sermons in English instead of German and it'll tell him all he neeeds to know about us.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt, just out of earshot was lurking a ''Guardian of Allah'' to make sure the Christian infidel did not ''insult the Prophet''. What a coward. All of once ''Great'' Britian is submitting to these Islamist thugs. You're right bobcat, this stupid Brit ought to be thanking the US he ISN'T speaking German. And if they all don't do somethingin Britian, the bishop better start learning Arabic. J'Mac.

6:18 PM  

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