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But For Paul Tibbets Jr., We Might've Had Worse

Crewmen on the submarine I-8, where Allied prisoners
were slaughtered.

Alive and Safe: the Brutal Japanese Soldiers Who Butchered 20,000 Allied Seamen In Cold Blood
By Nigel Blundell

The perpetrators of some of the worst atrocities of the Second World War remain alive and unpunished in Japan, according to a damning new book.

Painstaking research by British historian Mark Felton reveals that the wartime behaviour of the Japanese Navy was far worse than their counterparts in Hitler's Kriegsmarine.

According to Felton, officers of the Imperial Japanese Navy ordered the deliberately sadistic murders of more than 20,000 Allied seamen and countless civilians in cold-blooded defiance of the Geneva Convention.

"Many of the Japanese sailors who committed such terrible deeds are still alive today," he said.
"No one and nothing has bothered these men in six decades. There is only one documented case of a German U-boat skipper being responsible for cold-blooded murder of survivors. In the Japanese Imperial Navy, it was official orders."

Felton has compiled a chilling list of atrocities. He said: "The Japanese Navy sank Allied merchant and Red Cross vessels, then murdered survivors floating in the sea or in lifeboats.

"Allied air crew were rescued from the ocean and then tortured to death on the decks of ships.
"Naval landing parties rounded up civilians then raped and massacred them. Some were taken out to sea and fed to sharks. Others were killed by sledge-hammer, bayonet, beheading, hanging, drowning, burying alive, burning or crucifixion.

"I also unearthed details of medical experiments by naval doctors, with prisoners being dissected while still alive."

Felton's research reveals for the first time the full extent of the war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Navy, a force that traditionally modelled itself on the Royal Navy.

Previously unknown documents suggest that at least 12,500 British sailors and a further 7,500 Australians were butchered.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Japanese people have diliberatly avoided taking any responsability for any of the crimes they committed during WW2 and have for sixty years had the unmitigated gall to play the ''victim'' routine to the hilt, and for nearly just as long pacifist fools and moral relavatists and 20/20 hindsight-historians have joined in this revisionist, blame-avoiding blame America for the ''terrorist bombing'' of Hiroshima and Nagasakicr@p. The Japanese Imperial Army and Navy were imbued with a merciless, ruthless disregard for what they saw as weak Western morality and an unwilligness to die gloriously in battle(i.e. They didn't understand the concept of surrender and ''human rights) To surrender instead of dying in battle to a Japanese soldier meant the ultimate shame. Not only was it a great and shameful offense to the Emporer, but also to his unit, his commrades and most importantly, to his family and as such any soldier who did was thus considered a dead man or a ''ghost'',in Japanese culture that means you basically never exsisted. So when confronted by thousands of Allied soldiers surrendering, it not only was an insult to the honor of the Japanese soldiers they figured "These foreign devils have no shame or honor for themselves or the familes,they're dead already. What the heck, use them for bayonet practice. Besides doing this and killing civillans gave the Japanese soldier the chance to ''steel'' himself for coming glory in battle. The Imperial Japanese Army and Navy were a vicious, sick and brutal bunch of b@st@rds in waging war, they gave no quater and observed no Geneva Convention Accords what so ever. Some 40% of Allied prisoners held captive by the Japanese died as a result of their captivity as compared to 1% held by the Germans. And people wonder why Paul Tibbets had no regrets? The Japanese are always asking to be ''forgiven'' for WW2. How do you forgive a nation and a people who won't admit what they've done? J'Mac.

9:17 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

George Mason said it well, I paraphrase, since nations do not exist in Eternity, national sins must be punished by national calamities.
Japan has a terrible burden, the 2 atomic bombs were only part of the payment. There will be others.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


3:28 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Shall we remind our Congress that we've fought and defeated evil before? They seem to have forgotten the victory we achieved against Japan.

Are these atrocities any less brutal and barbaric than those committed by Islamo-Fascists, al Qaeda, et al, today?

Hell, when reviewing this horrendous history, the Islamo-fascists look like distant cousins, do they not?

America can & will defeat this scourge again. The liberals were in charge the last time we had to take care of evil. What has happened to them? They're all cowards now.

Thank God for Paul Tibbets, look what he ended for all of mankind. Thank God for his Commander-in-Chief, President Harry S. Truman, for having the courage and wisdom to issue the orders. Thank God for the United States of America, a nation rich and prosperous, one that developed weapons of mass destruction to defeat EVIL.

How dare anyone accuse this generous and just nation of being evil for defeating the evil. What a crock of crap!

6:00 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Jeez--great posts, folks! j'Mac, another wonderful history lesson (you shoulda been a history prof!), TMW, spot-on quote, and Pat, morally, you are right on the money, as always!

9:43 AM  

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