Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Olympia Washington Protestors Deny Soldiers Equipment

Convoys Slip Past Protesters At Olympia Port; Dozens Arrested
Jeremy Pawloski

Demonstrators gathered at the Port of Olympia’s main gate Tuesday night to block military shipments from the port to Fort Lewis, but the Army outflanked them and moved several convoys out another gate.

Olympia police in riot gear wore gas masks as they prepared to remove protesters from the main entrance about 11 p.m. At the same time, military convoys left for Fort Lewis from the port exit to Marine Drive.

Protesters ran to the Marine Drive location and attempted to block the convoy, and police responded to protesters blocking Stryker vehicles by shooting pepper-spray bullets and pepper spray into the crowd. A witness said police also threw two concussion grenades into the crowd.

About 50 people were arrested Tuesday night, police said. Convoys continued into this morning, and a convoy moved shortly after 1:30 a.m. Olympia Police Lt. Jim Costa said Tuesday night, “We’re going to keep moving equipment as long as we can.”

People arrested were held in an Intercity Transit bus that was guarded by police, Costa said. They were to be held throughout the night so they couldn’t rejoin the protests, he said. Janis Duddles, 56, of Olympia, said she was arrested about midnight after yelling at police. She said she isn't a member of a protest group and was shocked by the proceedings.

She said she was held in a 9-by-10-foot cell with 17 people for about two hours, then was released because she has a heart condition and told officers at the jail. "I think the biggest deal is not necessarily what was happening on the street, but somehow, the Olympia Police Department thinks it's OK to put 17 people in 90 square feet," Duddles said. "How dare they."
She said that the others in the cell, all women in their 20s, weren't allowed to leave.

"That's breaking my heart, those little girls are stuck in there," Duddles said at 2:15 a.m.
Tuesday night, one police car had its windows broken out by a thrown rock, and an officer was hit in the knee, Costa said.

The buildup to the confrontation started about 9 p.m., as police lined up to face a group of about 30 female protesters sitting across the road. Behind them stood the rest of the estimated 150 protesters at the port entrance.

Police gave five warnings that they would use force and pepper spray on the protesters, then began arresting the women in the road about 10 p.m. After that, police fanned out toward the protesters, waiting in a line for about an hour before putting on gas masks in anticipation of making more arrests.

I am sick to death--and totally furious--at the lousy, sonuvabitch war protestors up here that try and deny our troops needed equipment that keeps them safe. They try to gum up every shipment of Stryker brigade equipment that moves into Ft. Lewis, or out of our ports and overseas. A batch of the vermin was arrested last Saturday; last nights' Tuesday protest was the most violent yet.

Of course, watch the Libby nutbar press up here make it seem like the protestors are the f***ing victims! Gimmee a break! The protestors even tried to use their kids as human shields over the weekend knowing the cops wouldn't touch 'em!

Though they may have other broadcasts out later, out of FIVE news agencies up here--the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seattle Times, KOMO News, KING5 News, and KIRO News, the Olmpian newspaper and an itty bitty squib in the others was all I could find on this. Watch some Leftist bastard stub their toe up here and it'll have to be decided by the Supreme Court. Let it be a black person's toe and Al Sharpton will have his bags packed...

I hope nobody who hears about this stuff, or reads about it, is the LEAST bit fooled about whether or not the Left supports our troops!


Blogger CHOMP said...

Thank you, Donal, for bringing us this story.

This is such a sad story about Americans trying to "wound" America!

7:05 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Pat just sent me all of Michelle Malkin's stuff--she's got the straight dope on it all...

6:20 PM  

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