Monday, January 21, 2008

War? What War?

War? What War?
By Kyle-Anne Shiver

A pertinent question for 2008 might be: How many 9/11's does it take to wake a sleeping giant and keep him alert at the helm?

More than one, it would seem. How quickly America has been lulled back to sleep. With a heap of help from our watchful media.

For more than four years, every news outlet in the Country was stirring its anti-American pot and blasting news of the carnage from Iraq 24/7. They were counting the bodies and inflating the count. They were giving more coverage to the paltry numbers of paid anti-war protestors than they were to our military heroes and their families.

We heard about the horrors of the Iraq War day in and day out.

We were told how much we citizens decried the War and our President. We were given poll numbers after poll numbers citing our discontent. Our mainstream media complex raised a whole battalion of living-room warriors to advise our duly elected Commander in Chief on everything from bombing strategy to the actual nature of the insurgency.

The media declared Iraq an unwinnable quagmire, an all-out civil war, a dastardly imperialistic occupation.

Our media elites gave more coverage to Cindy Sheehan than they gave to our Medal of Honor heroes. They hung the 2006 congressional elections upon the utterly ridiculous mantle of peace at any cost, and gave the anti-war minions more to crow about for an entire year. When Harry Reid used his new position as Senate majority leader to state emphatically that "This war is lost," he wasn't even branded as a scoundrel, much less a traitor. Heck, our media would have given him a medal if it could have.

With friends like these...

But suddenly, we are winning the war that was lost, and you could hear a pin drop in the abandoned echo chamber of war coverage.



Anonymous galen said...

Well, none of the media is a soldier's friend, that's for sure. So of course they're not going to report on any good news.
They've been wanting us to lose for a long time.

8:18 AM  
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