Friday, February 01, 2008

It's A Matter Of 'Right' vs. 'Wrong'

It's A Matter Of 'Right' vs. 'Wrong'

Our Republican party is under ASSAULT from liberals and "moderates", and it's an assault from within. Governors like Florida's Charlie Crist, who's ONLY claim to conservatism is that he's a tax cutter and Darnold Shortsenbanger in CA, who has caved to liberals so often that he might as well switch parties, are gaining more and more power at the expense of us Reagan conservatives. To make it even uglier, McCain and Huckabee are sounding like left-leaning populists on the stump, instead of tax cutting conservative unifiers. Reagan would weep over the class warfare these two perpetuate!

These RINOS and an entire "herd" of other liberal Republicans are right now attempting what can only be called a "palace coup" by coming out in DROVES to endorse John McCain over Mitt Romney. Mitt's not a PERFECT Reaganite, but he may be the most talented and qualified Presidential candidate to seek the office in a generation. And, for those who are worried about Mitt's conservative credentials, it's instructive to pay attention to his enemies. If the far left and NYT's hates his guts, and Soros websites spend time and energy disseminating misinformation about Mitt, well, that sorta tells the story for me.

We must attempt to stop this "power grab" by liberals in our party. There's no need for profanity against John, just expose his liberal record and his backstabbing ways against everything conservative that's happened in the Senate.


What's at stake? Nothing less than the future of the Republican Party as a home, and refuge for those of us who believe in:

* smaller government and greater freedom,
* vigorously defending America against those who want us dead,
* a culture of LIFE instead of a culture of death,
* honoring America as a unique experiment in human freedom,
* defending our Constitution against those who view it as a living, breathing document and would use unelected, unaccountable leftist judges to change it on a whim,
* the amazing power of free markets and capitalism as the "engine" of our freedom, just to name a few!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much DONAL, it's an honor to be on your blog! It's not an overstatement to say that we're engaged in a fight for the future of this party. If the liberals win, we will lose elections for a LONG time!


10:31 AM  

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