Friday, March 14, 2008

Clinton Library Builder's CFO Vanishes, Leaving Questions, No Clues


Clinton Library Builder's CFO Vanishes, Leaving Questions, No Clues
Associated Press

The stress of restructuring the construction company that built the Clinton Presidential Library gave John Glasgow every reason to run away.

A seven-figure salary, a chance to buy part of a firm jointly owned by department-store chain Dillard's Inc. and a life lived in good spirits gave him every reason to stay.

Glasgow has been missing since before sunup Jan. 28; his car was found abandoned the next day at a state park. Family and police say it's impossible to tell whether Glasgow killed himself, was abducted or left to start a new life elsewhere.

His family said the easygoing 45-year-old felt overwhelmed and anxious about a company audit, but the company said it found no money missing. The police say there is no evidence of foul play, but no clues to his whereabouts, either.

"He may be under some kind of compulsion ... some kind of blackmail, that's a scenario you could dream up," his brother Roger Glasgow said. "We're not suggesting any of these scenarios because we just don't know. But it does open up a Pandora's box of possibilities."

John Glasgow was the chief financial officer of CDI Contractors LLC of Little Rock. The firm, owned by Dillard's and the estate of co-founder Bill Clark, built or remodeled many of Dillard's 300-plus department stores and put up some of Arkansas' signature projects, including Clinton's library and the headquarters of Heifer International.

CDI last year had estimated sales last year of $432.9 million. Dillard's Inc. had 2007 sales of $7.81 billion.



Blogger CHOMP said...

Should we add John Glasgow to the "LONG LIST" of missing and dead people who are, excuse me, who were associated with the Bill and the Hill.

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