Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Prince and A Soldier

A Prince and A Soldier
By Michael Yon

During my recent embeds with British forces, I suggested numerous times that Prince Harry could quietly serve in Afghanistan without the attracting media coverage that would make targets out of him and his fellow soldiers. Apparently the Brits had the same idea. Along with his unit the Household Cavalry, Harry was sent to a forward operation base in the Helmand province. Credit to the Royal Family for allowing Prince Harry to serve in a dangerous environment. And credit to Harry the soldier, who performed his duty to Great Britain.

For ten weeks, the press kept Harry’s deployment a secret. But now Harry’s being sent home, after photos of him in Afghanistan were published on the internet and in the press. The ‘journalists’ who broke the story got their scoop, and in doing so, needlessly endangered the lives of patriotic soldiers. There was no compelling reason to report on Harry’s service in Afghanistan. No public good was served. Shame on those who risked British lives.
Please click here to read the entire article by Kevin Sullivan in the Washington Post.


Thanks to my very dear friend, Fairest Witness for bringing this to us. Please go to Michael Yon's excellent blog and help support him; he's one of the few that keep us believing in decent journalism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a credit to the Queen, his dad, and the entire British nation! I saw the report yesterday and was SO impressed.


2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on Harry, he's insured the relavance of the House of Windsor for the next hundred years anyway, although friends, I'm not too fond of the Royals, given their history and all that. But it would seem to me that any and every soldier, in any army fighting the Muslims is a target and so what? Isn't this war? Certainly I wish it weren't so, I didn't want this clash of civilzations, Islam did. And Prince harry, to his credit found so spark of the sense of honor and duty that I do admire of the English, so let him stay and fight the buggers, like his ancestor Richard the Lion-Hearted would have done, this is a bloody Prince of the Realm for Gods sake! I'd say to the jihadis, "Come out ya dirty slobs and fight us now, we're not afraid of ya''! j"Mac.

2:46 PM  
Blogger CHOMP said...

I heard this story on talk radio. How sad that Prince Harry had to leave his Mates. I think he was terribly disappointed to have to leave his buddies behind.

11:47 PM  

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