Friday, April 25, 2008

Bush Heckler Arrested After Punching Wheelchair-Bound Girl

Bush Heckler Arrested After Punching Wheelchair-Bound Girl

Obama knew a 'Typical White Woman'... Is this a 'Typical Leftist?'

A man heckling First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna outside the 92nd Street Y was arrested after he punched a wheelchair-bound girl whose parents had told him to shut up, authorities said Wednesday.

German Talis, 22, was shouting obscenities at the Bushes, who were leaving the building Tuesday, when he crossed paths with Wendy and John Lovetro and their daughter Maureen, 18, who has cerebral palsy.

They had been in the audience to hear the Bushes talk about their children's book, "Read All About It."

"He began yelling about Iraq and Iran at Jenna Bush. She was waving at the crowd. I told the guy, 'What are you doing? Shut up. This is about a child and books,' " said John Lovetro. "He was unperturbed. I said, 'Get out of here! You're being a moron!' "

The next thing he knew, Talis was allegedly punching Maureen, a fan of the first lady since meeting her in 2004.,2933,352498,00.html


Blogger FairestWitness said...

What a brutal, vicious bastard! I hope he goes to prison for this!

11:18 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Typical leftista jack-booted behavior, if you can't out shout and out cuss them, punch their lights out...notice too, he hit the girl in the wheelchair, NOT her Dad! Typical leftista coward!


3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hecklers of any political, racial or religious type should be arrested the moment they start to interrupt any public performance.

If heckling is permitted under the first amendment, it should not be.

If this thug had been arrested and removed immediately, that poor girl would not have been attacked.

I hope he's charged with assault and battery, convicted and sentenced to a stiff jail term. Not because he's a leftist, but because he's a vicious, outta control SOB.

7:21 PM  

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