Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post-Sept. 11 'Comedies' Coming Soon

Post-Sept. 11 'Comedies' Coming Soon
By Jeffrey Ressner

The conflict in Iraq may go on for years, but it appears the end is nigh for Hollywood’s ponderous, heavy-handed treatment of the war on terror. That’s because most new movies about the subject this season are lowbrow and cringe-inducing comedies.

Over the next few weeks, theaters will be screening far-out fare such as an Osama bin Laden documentary by the maker of “Super Size Me”; an absurdist slam against merchants of war featuring John Cusack; a zombie soldier flick with XXX star Jenna Jameson; a stoner movie about Guantanamo Bay; and a Sept. 11 parody — yes, parody — made by Uwe Boll, a little-known filmmaker often ridiculed as the worst director in Hollywood since Ed Wood.

Just how off-the-wall is the genre getting? Over the past six months, filmgoers have been turned off by overearnest snoozers (“Lions for Lambs,” “A Mighty Heart”), low-budget losers (“Redacted”) and far worse. With the arrival of a half-dozen comedies, however, the post-Sept. 11 movie has quite possibly reached a new low.



Blogger CHOMP said...

It used to be a really big deal to go to the movies. There was a newsreel, cartoons, this week's serial (usually a western), previews, and finally two feature films.

But now before I go see any film, I check online to see who's in it, who directed it, what's the plot, fan reviews. The films listed in this article are NOT on my list of "I must see this one!"

5:39 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Part and parcel of the degradation of this country...


3:40 AM  

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