Monday, April 07, 2008

MI Dem Speaker Employs State Paid Thugs to Stop Recall

MI Dem Speaker Employs State Paid Thugs to Stop Recall
USA Warner Todd Huston, Featured Writer

Here is a story that details how far Democrats will go to destroy the people's ability to be heard in government. It also shows Democrat's penchant to abuse their power, their blatant waste of government funds, and the incestuous relationship that the anti-democratic process unions have with Democrats.

Up in Michigan, the thieves in the Democrat Party voted in a gigantic tax increase. Michigan has been mired in a one state recession for quite a while and Governor Jennifer Granholm's only solution has been to raise taxes to pay for government "shortfalls" -- and by "shortfall" you can read government waste. Well, after years of this localized recession in Michigan, the state legislature finally okayed this massive tax increase meant to "save" the state from its financial ills. (snip)

It is a typical Democrat Party mess of overspending, high, punitive taxes, lost business and a big hurt put on the average citizen.

So, what is the recourse that the people of Michigan have to address these wasteful politicians? The recall. Michigan has a recall law whereby citizens can petition 8,000 citizens to recall any politician under the Governor that they have decided no longer serves them. And a recall effort has been launched against Democrat Speaker of the Michigan House, Andy Dillon. (snip)

What could be more democratic, more quintessentially American than a recall effort? Apparently the Democratic Party and Speaker Andy Dillon are not so interested in the democratic process.

Dillon has begun an illegal practice sending state workers and related supporters in unions all across the country to gang up on these citizen petition carriers and try to block people from being able to get to the petitions to sign them. These "petition blockers" often outnumber the petition carriers four, sometimes seven to one.

These petition blockers scream at citizen petition signers, calling them names, and hover menacingly over them making them feel threatened and uncomfortable. They also are assigned to follow the petition carriers to their homes and harass them there.

Remember, these petition blockers are paid state workers. One wonders why the people of Michigan are paying their taxes to have state workers loll about these citizen petition carriers on the state's payroll? Don't these state workers have jobs they are supposed to be doing for the state? After all, state workers are not paid to act as thugs for the Speaker of the House...or any other politician for that matter.

Speaker Dillon's office was queried by a Michigan TV station why state workers were acting as political operatives on the job. Greg Bird, Speaker Dillon's Press Secretary told WDIV that any state worker that was acting as petition blockers "was using vacation time." But when the TV station asked for records to prove the claim, the Speaker's office never supplied the proof.



Anonymous bobcat said...

Jeez, Donal... when don't they act like thugs?

3:50 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

You're right, Bobcat, they are only being themselves...


3:20 AM  

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