Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why We Went to Iraq

Why We Went to Iraq
By Fouad Ajami

Of all that has been written about the play of things in Iraq, nothing that I have seen approximates the truth of what our ambassador to Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, recently said of this war: "In the end, how we leave and what we leave behind will be more important than how we came."

It is odd, then, that critics have launched a new attack on the origins of the war at precisely the time a new order in Iraq is taking hold. But American liberal opinion is obsessive today. Scott McClellan can't be accused of strategic thinking, but he has been anointed a peer of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft. A witness and a presumed insider – a "Texas loyalist" – has "flipped."

Mr. McClellan wades into the deep question of whether this war was a war of "necessity" or a war of "choice." He does so in the sixth year of the war, at a time when many have forgotten what was thought and said before its onset. The nation was gripped by legitimate concern over gathering dangers in the aftermath of 9/11. Kabul and the war against the Taliban had not sufficed, for those were Arabs who struck America on 9/11. A war of deterrence had to be waged against Arab radicalism, and Saddam Hussein had drawn the short straw. He had not ducked, he had not scurried for cover. He openly mocked America's grief, taunted its power.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article DONAL. Good find.

Ajami gives praise where it's due; to President Bush. For all of the things I can blame directly or indirectly on President Bush, there are a few areas where we need to heap praise on him.

1. He's waged a relentless war against the radical muzzies.
2. He's cut taxes, fighting RINOS and Dems ALL the way! McCain too.
3. After some brief bickering he dropped Harriet Miers and gave us two OUTSTANDING Supremes.
4. He's limited the reach of the UN into our pockets. Too bad he didn't keep John Bolton.

There must be some things I missed.


1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he was duped by Iranian agents by believing bogus intelligence they were passing to do what they couldnt do in the 80's; oust Saddam Hussein.

What a guy our president is. A willing agent of Iranian intelligence.

Man, it sucks to be a Republican

Your pal,

11:54 AM  
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