Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Absolute Unkindness, Hate, and Lunacy Of the Democrat Party

FROM DU: I'm Convinced Asshat Is the DEVIL...

No need to repeat why, it's been said enough. Any leader of the most powerful fucking country the world has ever seen who treats fellow human beings the way he does while professing a love of God has to be the fucking devil.

It reminds me of the movie Omen. The devil will come in the form of a political leader.This whole thing also reminds me of another movie whose name escapes me...

I think it was based on a book by Stephen King.. The Dead Zone maybe. The president is shown viewing the countryside of America that is a nuclear wasteland due to his incompetence. He ends up putting a bullet in his own head. I wish asshat would do it now, before it's too late. (Jamnt)

These people are the most mentally unbalanced people I have ever seen. They are unkind, nasty, and filled with the most unbelievably virulent hatred. I think they'd do almost anything...


Blogger Economics 101 said...

I agree completely. Writing from the UK - the minor chord of the symphony of evil - many of us here are very frightened about the cruel and hypocritical mideast policy of the US/UK alliance.

Do they not understand that arabs love their children and their families too - and deserve an even break

9:39 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

101 Perhaps the arabs/muslims would 'get an even break' if they stop trying to bring about Israel's destruction. Try that out and see how it works for ya...

7:48 AM  
Blogger nanc said...

yeah, well if they loved their children equally or more than they hate the rest of us, the world would definitely be better off - oy vey, i'm startin' to sound like golda!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phandancer from FPM

Hey 101

How about the ME policy of the followers of the cult of islam?? Their policy is the destruction if Israel and US\UK, subjugation of Europe, beheading infidels, stoning rape victims to death, strapping bombs to their children (You know...the ones they love so much), killing the other sect (sunni, shiite) and anyone who disagrees or insults their cult?

That one seems much more destructive and cruel. is the US\UK policy hypocritical? I always love hearing the answers about how, specifically, our policies are causing the problems - that, btw, have been happening for 1300 years.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

What would you do if Hezbollah was shooting rockets into your town, economics? If these "arabs" love their kids so much, why start a war -- why kill and kidnap soldiers without provocation?

Don't you think Jews love their kids, too, and that their reaction to these provocations is completely justified? Did you know that the Hezbollah was launching rockets into Israeli towns BEFORE the Israelis did anything about it? For weeks, in fact. They killed IDF soldiers simply guarding a fence and kidnapped two. These are people that love their children so much that they'd invite war for absolutely no other reason than they hate Jews?

One can tell where your sympathies lie so your attempt to stand in as a concerned peacekeeper rings hollow. You are trying to con us or you are deliberately stupid.

4:26 PM  
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