Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Dregs Of the D'RATS

All They Have "Left"

What an obnoxious, self-absorbed hateful little bunch of cannibals. "Hurry before the Republicans take our freedoms away'". What freedoms have they lost? The freedom to hate your own country and shout it from the roof tops, or on a blogsite--talk about obsession!

What are these kids going to do when President Bush leaves office? All that hate for the President that has fortified them all this time--their ''raison d'etre'', the locus of all that unifies them--will be gone. And then what? Will they just pick another Republican?

We conservatives are ''wrapped too tight emotionally''? The d'RATS who make those statement aren't wrapped at all! None of these kids have ever in their lives thought of ever doing anything positive or selfless for someone else other than themselves. At carping, bitching, complaining--in general being pugnacious, vitriolic, intolerant, and sometimes violent--they excel far ahead of any other political class!

Great rant! All the bitching, griping, and complaining the D'RATS have done this week is completely over the top. They don't know whether they want to keep Israel safe or if the President is dragging his feet, whether overhearing Bush say "shit" isn't big deal, or if they can squeeze political milage out of it, if they want to sleep with Hezbollah, or if they're content to let Helen Thomas merely make comments for them.

They're twisting and turning--hopping from one protest to the next--listening to Hillary, Ted, and the Screaming Doctor Dean. They don't know what's going on or how they feel about it--but they're quite sure it's all Bush's fault!


Anonymous prairieson said...

All excellent points, J'Mac.

Helen Thomas is a twit who is simply embarrassing herself now without realizing it.

Why the White House gives her one of the coveted press seats is a major puzzle.

Wait ... now that all MSM journalists have become moonbats, I guess having an elderly moonbat makes sense.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much Verityink.And you too prairieson.Hope you're both having a nice wek-end.J'Mac.

1:34 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You hear Tony Snow thank Helen for offering 'Hezbollah's point of view'? I thought I'd die laughin'. He's got HER number!

2:23 PM  
Anonymous z said...

GREAT job, J'Mac! Yes, they will just pick "another Republican" when they're finally rid of Bush....what else WOULD they do? COULD they do? Got to have someone to blame while they ruin the world, right?

Helen Thomas needs to be put to pasture.....and yes, verityink...that Tony Snow line thanking her for "hezbollah's point of view" was HILARIOUS. I hope he keeps that up. He'll be the Rumsfeld of the Press Room!!

4:20 PM  
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