Friday, July 21, 2006

Kofi's Kumbaya

UN Peacekeepers Abandoned Their Own Babies

UN peacekeepers have abandoned at least 20 babies fathered with poverty-stricken Timorese women, an investigation has shown.
The UN investigation has also uncovered a culture of cover-up, in which babies born to peacekeepers and sex crimes committed by its personnel over seven years have been kept secret because of a "fear of shame and embarrassment".

A report on the investigation recommends that a policy of zero tolerance of sexual misconduct be enforced on UN staff.

The report reveals for the first time babies born to UN peacekeepers have been abandoned without financial support.

Their mothers have been stigmatised and in some cases ostracised by their communities.
Efforts by the UN to organise assistance for the women have failed.,20867,19871899-1702,00.html

The treehuggers and other dippy liberals of the world, that have always supported the UN and Kofi, had better cleanup their own damned neighborhood! This is a disgrace! Never send the UN when an ordinary, irresponsible thug will do...

We sure as heck don't hear the Democrats protest about THIS!


Anonymous z said...

This is hideous....they move in to 'create peace' and have sex with innocent victims of whatever situation they're there to help?

Let's hope this gets a bit more attention than Oil for Food did.....DId you notice that's barely mentioned by our media? Things are still happening, and nothing's being said.

These 'peace keepers' ( just go 'get a piece', huh?) should be fired today.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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