Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cowardly d'Rats Show Themselves--Again

Hezbollah Attacks Israel and What the d'Rats Would DO

This week, the Weak have been going on chapter and verse about how, in the face of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel, they wish Bill Clinton or Prince Gore was president. The d'Rats bemoan the handling of the bombings and have posted over and over that President Bush has been asleep at the wheel and "isn't doing anything about it".

Of course, we know that this isn't true, but I was curious about what they thought Bill Clinton would do about it, or what they thought President Bush should do about it. Here are their posts (they deleted mine), and their answers from DU:

--None of this shit would have escalated the way it has. In fact, I believe that if Billy Boy was President, none of this shit would even be happening. He and his team, were fucking awesome. These criminal dip shits pale in comparison to what I saw with a Dem in power. Just imagine if we had a President and a Congress to back them....? Holy shit, no?!

--Where would Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry be right now? For that matter, what would George H.W. Bush be doing right now? Instead, the Middle East is bleeding to death; there is open warfare between the two free-est and most democratic countries in the Middle East. And the U.S. government is M.I.A.

--Assuming (a huge assumption) everything else is to the point it is today in the ME, Bush should:Be Presidential, not whacking himself and offering unintelligible blurbs about "right to defend, but show restraint." He should he a diplomat. He should immediately dispatch those whose jobs are to be diplomatic in such situations to, well, do their damn jobs. He should lead.

Specifically, what would Clinton/Gore/Kerry do, or what do you think George W. Bush should do?

--Clinton is a Diplomat. Diplomacy would have been at the top of his agenda, I'm sure of it.

--That's one of the things he would have done. The fact of the matter is in the ME he wouldn't have stirred up people's emotions and given the extremists any recruiting ground.

--Clinton, Gore or Kerry rather. But definitively somebody who would care.

--Clinton, because he'd do everything right..unlike President Dumbya.

--He would have put SS in a "lock box", the environment would be better.

--HA HA, you're just not getting it are you?

--Bush should have stayed involved in active talks with the ME, unlike what did happen.

--Clinton had their respect, they listened to his DIPLOMACY, and they stopped killing each other for a while.

--Bringing in skilled, high-level career diplomats who know how to stroke the opposition to act as a fire-break would be a good first move.

--Fire anyone who demands respect from an organization that he previously derided.

--Camp David is not just a good place to eat B-B-Q and shoot quail. Carter and Clinton knew that and Carter and Clinton used that to the world's benefit.

--"Shut The Fuck Up, Mr. President. Don't leave the country, don't even leave your bedroom, don't go on camera, don't make comments about the world stage.

--We wouldn't have a deficit problem, 911 probably wouldn't have happened, if Clinton was president.

--How wouldn't it????

--For Starters, Einstein, Clinton Would NOT Have Insulted Hezzbollah!

--Oh sure, ask how a Dem would clean up a mess they didn't make.

--Clintion would ALREADY (immediately, as soon as the situation started) have people (if not himself) in the Mid-East trying to broker a cease fire.

--So what would Clinton do, have done, and keep doing:He would engage in discussions, mediate, and lead.

--He would've felt our pain.

--Maintain an effective dialog with the leaders of the ME countries and deny them moral justification to recklessly approach the brink as is being done now; much like he did in the nineties- a lesson well learned from Carter's effective approach.

--He would not have been banal and tiresome (and puzzling) when speaking, rather, he would have lifted up with words (while current leadership knows only how to tear down, and that's at it's best).

--He would have spoken on the world stage of hope and man's shared traits rather than "pig meat" and "Hezbollah's shit". He'd've realized that words have meaning and those meanings have consequences in every part of the world.

--He'd have the wisdom to know that it takes more than a big arsenal and U.S. flag-pins on your lapel to have a good democracy and effectively advertise that as a beacon to those who lack wisdom.

--A President Kucinich would have in place a Dept. of Peace already functioning.

--Let's get a real dem in office who will do the job-for the people they are elected to represent! Maybe Gore or Robert Kennedy Jr.! Or even someone like Michael Moore or Robert Redford!

--All this shit was what they planned to happen!!!

--They did answer your questions!! Freetard! If you're looking for a military answer then go sign up!

--Hey freeper, can you spell "everything" or "just" because you look like a fool. I'm sure this will be deleted, but I'm also sure as hell that you are a Freeper & will be tombstoned in a moment.

--Well, if he (Bush) slit his own throat, that'd be a start. I'd prefer it if he did Cheney in first, though.


So, this is what they best d'Rat minds have come up with! They want to piss and moan about Clinton/Gore/Kerry whoever not being President, they have few solutions of their own to offer--and if you call them on it, they shout "Freeper" and have you thrown off the board!

They are just a group of cowardly malcontents who want to wet their own bed and then complain of the stench. Everyday I'm with these people, my respect for them draws lower and they show themselves to be more and more childish.

They want President Bush to have a solution that THEY can't even conceptualize and they ignore the collective TWELVE years Clinton AND Carter had to solve problems--using their 'mahvelous' personalities--that they DIDN'T solve.

Their 'solutions' boil down to two things 1) cut 'n' run, or 2) be weally, weally nice to Hezbollah & Co.! (maybe even let 'em stay in the Lincoln bedroom!)


Anonymous Your Worst Enemy said...

And this makes Democrats look bad how? Um, isn't Bush the one who is supposed to be "leading"? What exactly do you see that he is doing to promote a solution in the middle east? Oh, that's right: NOTHING. Same thing he's always done throughout his entire miserable failure of a life.

He was born a loser and remains one to this day. What's more pathetic is that the 29% backwash like you are even BIGGER losers for supporting him. He KNOWS that he's a loser. You don't.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Challie said...

This guiys sound like real dopes. No wonder they can't get a man in office. They didn't do a damn thing for the middle east except tuck Arafat into the Lincoln bedroom at night!

4:12 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

"My Worst Enemy"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You have no teeth! Your reply I could've simply added to the list as something totally ineffectual!

4:14 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

CHALLIE-Yes, Clinton and Carter both did far more damage than they ever corrected. They were do-nothings that primed this situation and then dropped it into Bush's lap.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

worst enemy If you can't see how bad this makes the Democrats/d'Rats look, then you're stupider than I thought.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,"Worst enemy ,a ''born loser''?Twice elected Governer of Texas and twice elected Preisdent.Some losing streak.What an ignoramus you are.Johnnymac

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These kids,and thats what they are,are no more then spoiled rich kids whose parents live in Bel Air or Westchester county.NY,or they're trust-fund babies,perenial college students.Its funny almost to see on one hand,they're all piss and vinegar at the President and on the other its ''whats he going to do about it?''What would they prefer him to do?I'd love to see the Israelis bomb Damascus and Teheran,with our help if need be.That would sure twist the shorts these litte "Childern of the Corn'' for sure.As I've always said,its sad to see young people so angry and bitter,young people who should be happy and enjoying life and,Heaven forbid,be doing something postitive to benefit humanity.Johnnymac.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous z said...

wild, isn't it? The Left's so busy saying how ineffectual Mr. Bush is and GEE....anybody notice that he went to G8 and got them to agree to standing up for Israel?

For a guy who isn't leading, he sure does lead.

If this is a loser, I"m SO happy I'm on his side. Even when he infuriates me, i just calm myself down by saying 'it COULD have been Kerry'.... Try again, Hank.....

7:51 PM  
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