Sunday, July 23, 2006

D'Rats--Paranoid About Their Own Precious DU!

FROM DU: I Think There May Be A "Glitch In the System"

I never noticed this before until it happened to my post (and it's not important, my post), but just an observation that I would like to point out.

I made a had 3-4 recommendations for the "greatest page". It was combined with another post made earlier in the day (and since I never noticed it) have no idea how many/if any "recommendations" it had for the greatest page (meaning more/most people would see it).

Recommendations went back to 'zero' on the combined post. Since the combination had the first poster as 'top dog'/earliest'....I (nor anyone else) could "recommend" it for the greatest page b/c the time period had elasped.

Could this be a technique to keep important, yet somewhat obscure, topics from being seen by busy DU'ers?

Don't misunderstand. I'm not "calling anyone out". I'm just wondering/cynical about folks playing 'chess', when I think I'm playing 'checkers'. There used to be a "Ask the Administrators" section, which was done away with some time ago, where one could ask these things more privately, yet directly. Since it's gone, well... (Mind_your_head)

Dear Gawd, these folks are SO concerned about numbers and polls and recommendations--and who all is reading their drivel! How completely funny! (As if any of it were more than just scribbling on a message board!)

Maybe they're after THEIR Pulitzer! (And, given the state of libby media today, they'd probably get it!) What a bunch of egotists!


Blogger nanc said...

self centered does not even begin to describe this situation. but it's a start! morning donal!

4:50 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Hi NANC! Yep--it had me chuckling for sure, though. I guess they couldn't find enough rightwing stuff to be paranoid about! Heh he he!

2:24 PM  
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