Friday, August 18, 2006

The Quintessential DU Post and Poster:

FROM DU: Our President Throws A Tantrum

Chucklenuts was just doing a presser from Camp David (is he EVER not on vacation???). He was whining about the ruling yesterday."I'll be 'insteristed' in seeing how other 'poli-icy' makers react to this."

Fuck you, you felon.

And does he ever not have a bullet proof vest on? Even at Camp David, as secure a place as any on Earth, there he is with an obvious vest outline as he plods away from the podium, head down and lookin' all sullen an shit.

I HATE these people.

edit to correct spelling .... and to add this: Y'ever notice when he's not comfortable with what he's saying, he has lots of 'sss' sounds in his otherwise slurred speaking style?'insteristed' was the jewel this morning. Lazy tongue? Nervous habbit? An artifact from his little chimpo days days before he was given the gift of speech? (Husb2Sparkly)

Let's take a look at this oh-so-typical d'Rat post... First, he says the President has 'thrown a tantrum', but then he offers no evidence of that. Then he says the President mispronounces a word....ho hum. THEN he gripes that Bush bothers to protect himself! (Especially necessary with these foaming S.O.B.'s all around!)

Then, in a burst of wishful thinking, he assumes Bush is all 'sullen' and in a bad mood--though there's no evidence of THAT, either. He wraps up his phlegmatic, meandering post by carping, once again, on the same allegedly mispronounced word he opened his post with. I guess that's all he could scrape together to bitch about this morning.

Besides reminding us of his ever-present hatred for Bush--like that wasn't evident in every supposition, exaggeration, and insult--he can't even spell his own crap correctly he's so upset. Clearly, it isn't BUSH that's having the tantrum!


Blogger JINGOIST said...

The idiot who wrote that reminds me of exiled in 1953 from FPM. I think he's really a lefty troll who uses the subject of Israel to get his BDS licks in.


2:47 PM  
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