Saturday, November 18, 2006

Doug Giles Rocks...

We Love Pepsi. They Love Death.

Y’know, when I see videos of young Muslim young men slicing their heads with straight razors in a frenzied jihadic pep rally, and then I see videos of our young pimps and thugs, or our Queer Eyed for Straight Guy males and our Darwinian throw back Jack Ass 2 droogies, I get a real bad feeling.

It’s the feeling that if our civilian teens/twentysomethings were ever to go toe to toe with post-pubertal Islamic terrorists that our young ‘uns would get hammered like a loose board at John DiResta’s house.

Our soft and stupid culture is setting us up to be no match for these Muslim youth who are being wet nursed in Islamic death cults, being fueled with Muslim madness in a land with zero economic opportunity and are feasting feverishly on a steady diet of Anti-American disdain.

Yep, all things being equal, I believe they will eventually clean our kid’s clock if we don’t get a pro-American, kiss-my-butt attitude back into our warp and woof. These Muslim boys who currently reside across the sea (and some across your street) are not your normal young men.


Blogger JINGOIST said...

He made a great point about a weakened American culture. All the ugly stepchildren of world communism-multiculturalism, feminism, race war, class warfare,etc.-are weakening our identity as Americans. With that weakened identity comes a weakened resolve.

Having said that, people were whispering the same thing about our young warriors-to-be back in 1941. The Nazis were feverishly goose stepping and indoctrinating an entire generation of young storm troopers. American kids enjoyed the "softer" pursuits of fast cars, soda fountains and summer jobs. Our initial engagements with Hitler's Panzers in north Africa seemed to confirm people's worst fears.

Our kids came through and defended freedom, just like they are doing now. Now if we could only get their parents in line...


5:20 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

They are going to lose this war and lose this country for us.

12:18 PM  

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