Sunday, November 19, 2006

The D'RAT Draft: An Answer To Charlie Rangel...

How A Flippy Dippy Hippy Protects This Country:

I do not want the Democratic Party to be demonized as the Draft Party, but facts are facts -- WE NEED A DRAFT.

NOT because the military cannot recruit, but because WAR coverage should NOT be 'Shock and Awe' and the media SHOULD NOT be allowed to ignore anti-war sentiment. Had we had a draft, the Iraq war would not have happened. The Middle Class would not have allowed it.

Class warfare is alive and well in America. A draft will bring the masses together again. BUT -- We do not and should not have a purely military draft. That is not what we need. Our military does not need all of the bodies and a lottery disproportionately affects the poor... As was shown in The Vietnam, or 'A Working Class War.'

We need to DRAFT everyone, male and female between the ages of 18-35 --- (And I fall into that age group).

We need a 3 prong draft -- Americorp, Peace Corp and the Military...

Imagine -- With Americorp we begin to fix our crumbling infrastructure throughout the country -- We build houses, clean up inner cities, build bridges and do the jobs that the Works Projects did under FDR.

The Peace Corp is expanded to what it should be -- Finally, the face of the American abroad is not just the military face, but the face of Peace, as we dig wells, immunize citizenry and promote democracy, while educating our youth about the depths of poverty around the world.

And the Military -- No longer will recruiters scour the poor and the working class families for people who think they have no other options or are seduced by the idea of blowing things up (including themselves and other people). Our military will be more reflective of our population, and our citizenry will be educated as to the goings on of our military like never before. It will be difficult to operate in secret with the entire country looking over their shoulders.

Stories of our military families will be daily news, as we all look on for news of our friends, families and school mates. I only know one person who served in Iraq. My next door neighbor who I used to baby sit. Most of my friends know nobody. (I was born working class, but have clawed my way into the precarious middle, with friends who have always been so ensconced, and much more clueless than even I.)

The Pay for this is simple -- Food, Housing, and minimum wage for the 18-year-olds, PLUS 1 full year of college script per year served -- What is college script? Simple, it's not $12,000 of college aide -- It's college tuition for ANY university in the country. OR, if you enter after college, you get $12,000 a year AND a special home loan ala the returning WWII veterans. We need to mix the classes again. Reality is no longer real. Too many people have too much and are ignorant of those who have too little. This is what should be done. (Dems2002)

When I read this crap, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It's exactly what some stupid, pansy-assed dippy libby would think up. I can just see them scheming up some way to spend THEIR military service in the damn Peace Corps or here at home raking gravel; they have absolutely no concept of how to fight a war overseas or truly protect America. The myths they still believe over at DU are incredible crapola! These are the Dems--and America has voted them into office.


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