Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Terrorists/Communists Hope For Democrat Win

Terrorists for Democrats

Americans vote today, polls suggest Democrats may capture Congress. Leading terrorists pray this happens.

“Americans should vote Democrat,” said Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Jaara led the Palestinian terror gang’s 2002 seizure of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity. Jaara added, “There is an atmosphere in America that encourages those who want to withdraw from Iraq. It is time that the American people support those who want to take them out of this Iraqi mud.

”Resorting to negative campaigning, Jaara aimed at the Republican-in-Chief these uncharitable words: “Bush is a sick person, an alcoholic that has no control of what is going on around him".

Jaara spoke with Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily from Ireland, where he was exiled after directing the armed attack on Christ’s birthplace. Klein interviewed other Muslim fanatics who yearn for a Democratic victory.

“I tell the American people, vote for withdrawal” from Iraq, said Hamas’s Abu Abdullah. “Abandon Israel if you want to save America.” Abdullah worries that Democrats might renege on their Iraqi-retreat aspirations. “I am afraid that even after the American people will elect those who promise to leave Iraq, the U.S. will not do so.

”Still, Democratic cut-and-runnism emboldens Middle Eastern terrorists. “As Arabs and Muslims, we feel proud of this talk,” Islamic Jihad’s Muhammad Saadi said. “Very proud from the great successes of the Iraqi resistance. This success that brought the big superpower of the world to discuss a possible withdrawal.” Saadi explained that a U.S. pullout would “prove the resistance is the most important tool and that this tool works.

”These comments echo top Islamofascists’ pro-Democrat/anti-Republican statements from the 2004 election.

“Any U.S. state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security,” Osama bin Laden declared in a videotape al-Jazeera broadcast on October 29, 2004.

Al-Qala, a Muslim-extremist website, clarified bin Laden’s statement. “It means that any U.S. state that will choose to vote for the white thug Bush as president has chosen to fight us, and we will consider it our enemy, any state that will vote against Bush has chosen to make peace with us, and we will not characterize it as an enemy.” America’s foes apparently understand the Electoral College and the red-state/blue-state divide.

As the Middle-East Media Research Institute’s Steven Stalinsky has recalled, Iranian Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli said in 2004: “We advise the American people…do not vote for Bush and his ilk.”

Why do militant Islamists openly embrace Democrats and assail Republicans? Democrats surely love America and presumably want al Qaeda & Co. neutralized. Still, key Democrats are almost touchingly naïve about the War on Terror and reject the tough measures required to fight it. Terrorists expect Democrats will let them breathe more easily.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi told Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes on October 22, “The War on Terror is the war in Afghanistan.” A slip of the tongue? Consider the written statement she read on the House floor September 13: “The war in Iraq is the wrong war. No matter how many times the President wants to say it, the war in Iraq is not the war on terror. The war in Afghanistan was.

”The San Francisco Democrat poised to become House speaker should realize the War on Terror is fought beyond Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it has bloodied Manhattan; Washington, D.C.; Shanksville, Pennsylvania; Bali; Madrid; Beslan, Russia; London; Bombay; Haifa, Israel; and dozens of other locales where innocents have been blasted to bits.

As for Baghdad being outside the War on Terror, U.S. troops there battle an enemy that calls itself “al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s deputy leader, contacted the late terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “The jihad movement is growing and rising,” Zawahiri wrote Zarqawi in October 2005. “Now it is waging a great historic battle in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and even within the Crusaders’ own homes.

”As Rep. Jack Kingston (R., Ga.) recalled in the Washington Times, Zawahiri proposed a four-step blueprint for jihad. “The first stage: expel the Americans from Iraq,” wrote Zawahiri. “The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority…over as much territory as you can spread its power in Iraq…in order to fill the void stemming from the departure of the Americans…The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq…The fourth stage: It may coincide with what came before: the clash with Israel.

”For his part, Rep. Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.), who would become House Ways and Means Committee chairman, recently wondered aloud, “You’ve got to pay for the war, don’t you?” This suggests he would de-fund U.S. forces in Iraq.

What then?

“We can go to Okinawa,” said Rep. John Murtha (D., Pa.), who wants to be House Majority Leader. “We can redeploy there almost instantly,” he told Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet the Press June 18. “Our fighters can fly from Okinawa very quickly.” Even if Japan welcomed a massive influx of American GIs, Okinawa is 4,899 miles from Baghdad. A rapid response from there to the Sunni Triangle is geographically impossible.

Meanwhile, Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.) is as neutral as tap water regarding one notorious terror group.

“I don’t take sides for or against Hezbollah,” said the House dean, its most senior member. “I don’t take sides for or against Israel.” He then voted against a resolution backing Israel in its summer war with the Lebanese-based, Iranian backed, rocket-equipped terror organization.

Former Democratic president Jimmy Carter is anything but neutral on Israel. In his forthcoming book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, Carter writes, “Israel’s continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement.” Apparently, Palestinian bus bombings, missile attacks on civilians, and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers by radical Muslims do not hinder Middle East tranquility.

Senator Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) said in June 2005 that U.S. treatment of terror suspects at Guantanamo resembled something “done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings.

”Regarding Guantanamo, 79 percent of House Democrats voted against legislation authorizing robust interrogations of detainees there.

Last March, 61 percent of House Democrats opposed Patriot Act reauthorization. After a filibuster temporarily blocked its renewal, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid of Nevada boasted, “We killed the Patriot Act".

Among House Democrats, 87 percent spurned President Bush’s electronic Terrorist Surveillance Program, even though this National Security Agency program has helped unravel radical-Muslim conspiracies to kill Americans and our friends abroad.

No doubt, Democrats were sincere when they joined Republicans and sang “God Bless America” on the Capitol Steps on 9/11. Alas, this conflict’s gravity escapes most of them. Militant Muslims want to murder Americans by the thousands — or more. To defeat radical Islam, America must remain confident, resolute, and intrepid.



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I just can't tell you how special that is! Blech!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


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And he's absolutely right--they DO want the Dems to win.

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