Monday, December 11, 2006

DU's Philosoraptor Substitutes Bush Derangement Syndrome For Thinking

Every Day That W Is Not Stopped Will Get Worse and Worse and Worse and Worse

A few of us have noticed that the ship is sinking slowly beneath the waves, but we don't want to panic the others by shouting I guess. A few are looking to the inept captain for salvation, but the captain refuses to acknowledge the danger and deal with it.

History will note in amazement how the passengers all stood around lazily on the deck listening to music as the ship of state floundered and vanished.

Once you've determined that the president is an incompetent disaster in human form and that he is the number one problem we face, and then allow the same idiot to continue on as if, then you get what you deserve.

People keep expecting the system to work, expecting the crew to figure it all out and keep the ship afloat, but those people are deluded and doomed. The only ones who will survive this are the smart ones, the ones who were alert to danger the whole time, and the ones on the lifeboats.

Until bush and his buddies are stopped and removed, literally and physically, we can only expect more disaster. Next week at this time it will be exponentially worse, and the month after that, twice as bad. We can all see where this is headed, all of us but the captain and his crew. (Philosoraptor)

This guy is such and utter jackass. He pisses and moans from one end of DU to the other (admittedly hard to distinguish from everyone else's posts there...) He so gutless he can't even spell 'victory', and so yellowbacked, he couldn't fight a headcold.

He's a walking liberal stereotype and he doesn't even know it! Oh it's all in there: him thinking he's the cleverest thing in two shoes, that he's got the secret inside track--and nobody's fooling him, nosiree Bob! I just know he's sure him-and-his will be well-tucked into those lifeboats (no doubt piloted by Kaptain Kerry!) Otherwise, it's all doom-and-gloom. What a shmuck!


Anonymous bobcat said...

It's all Bush's fault, don't ya know?

6:12 AM  
Anonymous cassie said...

This "he needs to be stopped and removed" bit sounds like a prelude to another Dallas...

9:31 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

He writes at DU a lot--I've never seen him put up an educated, none-nasty post.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

He's the next Unabomber.

I think the FBI and/or Secret Service might want to check in on this guy. He's edging awfully close to calling for the assassination of President Bush which is a Federal crime.

I'm all for free speech but we all know there are necessary limits to how far one can take that. I don't need to list some of those limits.

Only idiotarians like this chump do not get it.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. A website dedicated to the comments at DU! Ever check out the comments LGF?
Oh and praireson, I seem to recall your favorite "writer" Ann Coulter waxing philosophically whether to impeach or assasinate President Clinton... Oh, that's different..

12:38 PM  

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