Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Economics 101

The Economically Illiterate in Hollywood

What the Third World needs are more multinational corporations, not less.

As more multinational corporations move into a poorer country, the people there not only get additional economic opportunities, they acquire skills and job experience that raise their productivity and earnings potential, even if that outrages the economically illiterate in Hollywood.


You'd think that even the least intelligent person would be able to understand this... Sowell has also said another truism: People work at the best-paying jobs they can get. When people are working just to put food on their tables, they do not take a $5-an-hour-paying job and turn down a $7 or $9-an-hour-paying one.

They go for the top pay--even if it's just $5. Thus, in third-world countries, if you take away that job--even if it's a 'sweatshop'--the people would have to work for less somewhere else, or perhaps have no job at all. I know the flipdips on the Left don't understand this... perhaps if they ever had to work that hard to put food on their own tables, they would.


Anonymous Cassie said...

Sowell writes so clearly, he could explain economics to a 5 year-old!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

All the Leftist do-gooders that scream about 'outsourcing' and beastly sweartshop labor need to read this.

3:50 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

Economic Marxists don't really want to live that life, they want to impose it on others. I've been shopping regularly at WalMart every since the left began their crusade against that great company.
These wackos HATE reflexively without much thought about the realo world consequences of their behavior.


4:16 AM  

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