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What In the Hell Is the Matter With FOX News?

FOX News Blames Decline Of Christian Population In the West Bank On Israel

A friend of Batya writes: I just watched coverage of Christmas in Israel on Fox News. Anita McNaught was interviewed and she was complaining about the difficulties involved with getting to Christian Holy sites and crossing into the territories due to the Wall. (Anita McNaught is the kidnapped cameraman Olaf Wiig’s wife! Remember they were forced to convert to Islam at a gun point before they were released by the Palestinian kidnappers? So if she doesn't deliver what the Muslims want to hear they can kill him/her wherever he/she is! She has an agenda! She should not be a journalist, or interviewer.)

She then said that the Christian population fell from 82% majority to a minority implying that this was due to Israeli activity rather than placing the blame on the Islamic extremists and terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, who have persecuted Christians, and made their lives impossible--forcing them to either convert or leave. She neglected to mention that Christians are persecuted by Muslims everywhere—as if the Israeli Palestinian conflict was the sole reason Christians were forced to leave.

And, I might add, it's the Palestinians who lay in wait for Jews praying at the Wailing Wall, and non-Muslims touring holy sites; they snipe at them with guns and chunk rocks at them! FOX News is irresponsible implying the ONE peaceful group in the middle east is responsible for declining Christian populations--especially by a reporter with a hidden agenda!

AOL News Reports: Mayor Victor Batarseh said the city would celebrate Christmas despite the hardship."With all this oppression, this economic stress, physical stress, psychological stress, we are defying all these obstacles and we are celebrating Christmas so that we'll put joy into the faces of our children, joy to the citizens of Bethlehem," Batarseh said.

Each year, Israel eases travel restrictions to Bethlehem. Last week, Israel's Tourism Ministry said it would provide free transportation between Jerusalem and Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Israel's Tourism Ministry forecast 18,000 tourists would visit Bethlehem during the holidays, up from 16,000 last year, but far below the tens of thousands who thronged Manger Square at the height of peacemaking in the 1990s.

But most of those in Manger Square on Sunday were locals. The sprinkling of foreign tourists included a Polish choir and a handful of South Korean pilgrims who gathered to sing carols in a corner of the square, interrupted briefly by the call to prayer from a nearby mosque.

"It's exciting. I can feel that Jesus was here," said Jae Hwan Kim, 29, of Seoul.
The only large foreign contingent was made up of 200 or so Filipino Christians who work in Israel.

"We will have three Masses tomorrow," said Father Angelo, the group's small, bubbly spiritual leader who was herding them through the narrow entrance to the Church of the Nativity. He predicted 3,000 Filipinos would be in Bethlehem on Christmas Day.

"It's Christmas, it's time for joy, hope and peace, and happiness for all," he said.
In the Gaza Strip, where 3,000 Palestinian Christians live among around 1.4 million Muslims, the head of the tiny Roman Catholic community canceled midnight Mass, citing recent gunbattles between the Fatah and Hamas movements.

Father Manuel Musallem said young Christians in Gaza were scared. "The children told me Santa Claus won't come this year because it's too dangerous," he said.

THAT sounds like it's the muslims who are the violent ones--NOT the Israelis!

FATAH = On October 10, 1959, a group of about twenty Palestinians met in Kuwait and secretly formed Fatah (or al-Fatah, which is an acronym standing for Harakat Al-Tahrir Al-Watani Al-Filastini, the Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine). Fatah's original Covenant called for the destruction of pre-1967 Israel and disavowed interest in the West Bank and Gaza Strip--then held by Jordan and Egypt respectively. Only in 1968, in the aftermath of the Six Day War, the PLO altered the Covenant to demand the establishment of a Palestinian State on the entire territory of the Land of Israel.

HAMAS = A militant anti-­peace process organization bent on Israel's total destruction and the establishment of a Palestinian State, an Islamic theocracy, in Israel’s place. Hamas, an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya (Islamic Resistance Movement), corresponds to an Arabic word which meaning enthusiasm, fire, zeal, fanaticism.

I don't see the word "Israeli" in any of that...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

lies , damn lies.

The only place where the number of Christians GROW in the M.E is in Israel .

After denying the SHOAH there is no lie the Arabs will not push , but that FOX NEWS will help - that is a disgrace.


4:51 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes--that's is why I have put up the truth. Anything I put that is wrong about Israel, I depend on you to set me straight.

4:56 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I would like to know I have done the right thing by bringing this to everyone...

I hope I have; I feel very strongly about this.

5:07 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

The church bells havejust broken out here in Seattle--and the cars are honking as they pass by--and I am crying at the beauty of it all...

5:35 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Batya- A Saudi prince is now a majority stockholder of Fox, guess where the bias is?
Is this not what has been written by G*D's prophets? That what was evil would be called good, and what was good called evil? That those who kill us, the G*D-lovers will think they are doing the will and work of G*D? To drive out the Light is the work of the workers in darkness? Why are we surprised when G*D's Word proves True?
There will be more and worse to come! Be prepared, stand firm, be faithful to HIM Who called us!


5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today it is lies about the Jews, tomorrow it is lies about the rest of the non Arab world.

You are here to tell the truth .This is not a blog dedicated to FLUFF but to TRUTH.



It is a problem for us and we need to let Fox know.FOX USED TO BE OUR STATION.


6:11 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch Two said...

Fox News has kowtowed to the Saudi Prince on more than one occasion. During the Paris riots last year, Fox was actually told by the Saudi Prince not to report the story. So FNC didn't for weeks--until other pressures came to bear. Even then, FNC gave the Paris riots short shrift and avoided mentioning the word "Muslim."

Now we have outright lies from FNC. I'm not surprised.

8:26 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you, Batya. I have provided 4 addresses (under the post) with which to contact those at FOX News. I will be writing them later...

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Donal for the Fox contacts.You KNOW that I will use them .

You know Donal , you belong to the small but remarkable order of people who leave their footstamps on the sand ...

What's the use just being here without working on making HERE better.



11:01 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Amen, Batya. I do not know how much of a difference I can make, so my expectations are small. I work--not to change the muslims (I am not stupid), not to change the world (I am not arrogant), not to change history (I am not unreasonable)--I work so that there is at least ONE person who is Jewish who will know that they are NOT ALONE (as they were in 1938.) That I CAN do.

I display the Jewish flag on my site, rather than the 'support Israel' banner that is so popular with others, so that EVERYONE, even if they cannot read english, will see that support. (I have MANY readers from other countries, esp. some from the middle east: Yemen, Bahrain, UAE, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Europe's Montenegro etc.)

I say I am of Irish descent so that all may know I am not a Jew speaking for other Jews (though what is wrong with THAT, I can't imagine...)

Only if the world KNOWS, as surely as I do, that there is a group of people out here that support Israel--who won't let another Holocaust happen, and will fight tooth and nail for her (even to the point of taking up weapons in her defense) will the ones who need to know, KNOW THAT this is the RIGHT THING.

2:13 PM  

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