Friday, January 12, 2007

Craziest Post Of the Day!

Loon City! Another D'RAT Nutbar!

I have been subject to these Head-On commercials for quite some time now, and it has to be the most irritating ad campaign EVER!!

It has dawned on me that, for a product which has almost no major distribution in this country that I have been able to discover, the massive advertising budget they must have would financially destroy any corporation attempting to market it in this fashion.

I say Little distribution, as I have looked in several cities in my state, in drug stores and in major box stores, and have found either no product whatsoever, or very small displays on the bottom shelves of the pain reliever aisles of these stores.

So, my question is this, and you can call me a "tin-foil-hat" type if you desire, but could this be a joint government-corporate type of public manipulation experiment to see just how much BS the American Public will stand for, and to test how this manipulation can possibly be used for future manipulations of the public mind-set?

I'll be offline fora few days, but look forward to any of your comments on this perplexing subject. (StephenB48)


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