Saturday, February 03, 2007

Heh He He...

Democratic Committee Member Quits Caucus Post After Confrontation

A Democratic love-fest came to a screeching halt Friday after a high-ranking Hispanic party official abruptly resigned amid allegations he used a racial slur during a heated argument with a black aide to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.

Alvaro Cifuentes was chairman of the DNC's Hispanic Caucus and is well-known in national Hispanic Democratic circles.

Cifuentes was attending the DNC's winter meeting in Washington, D.C., on Friday when he and the aide got into an argument.

It's not clear what started the fight, but sources said Cifuentes called the aide, who is black, "boy" twice during the confrontation, and two conference attendees were alarmed enough to try and restrain Cifuentes.,2933,250058,00.html

This really cracked me up; some gal in the Hispanic caucus just quit on Wednesday because she was called 'whore'--and Obama is a 'clean', 'articulate' black! The party of 'tolerance' and racial parity better learn how to get along well enough to stay in the same room with each other--or their convention will look like the Hindustani/South Korean/Taiwanese parliament brawls you see on Amazing Videos et al!


Anonymous bobcat said...

That was funnier than hell!

10:13 AM  
Anonymous z said...

isn't it that hispanic caucus which called one of their own a 'whore'? Loretta Sanchez, was it???


9:08 AM  

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