Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It Depends What the Meaning Of “Support” Is

It Depends What the Meaning Of “Support” Is
By David Limbaugh

One is entitled to wonder how the prime movers in today's Democratic Party would behave differently if they were trying to dispirit our troops and embolden the enemy.

Early on in the Iraq war I watched in disbelief as Democrats, one by one, then group by group, with malice aforethought, fraudulently accused President Bush of something they knew to be false: that he deceived the nation about Iraqi WMD to start a war he had been predetermined to launch since before he was conceived because a) he wanted revenge against Saddam for his father, b) he wanted Iraq's oil for the United States, c) he wanted Iraq's oil for Dick Cheney or d) he is a neoconservative dogmatist who believes democracy is a panacea and preemptive wars to convert tyrannies to democracy are our new Manifest Destiny.

Yes, they accused our commander in chief of lying us into war — thus savaging his reputation and that of the United States before the entire world — all the while complaining that President Bush had damaged our reputation in the international community.




Anonymous bobcat said...

He took the words right outta my mouth. He's always a very clear writer.

6:57 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Do you read his brother?

9:16 AM  
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