Monday, May 21, 2007

The Carter Legacy, Indeed

I'm Jimmy Carter, and I Can't Help Myself
By Paul Beston

Carter's self-righteousness, one of the fatal flaws that sank his presidency, seemed only to deepen after his fiasco in the White House. In the years since, it has often seemed that his very failure as president is the key to the moral authority he claims -- as if, in other words, it was the world that failed him, and not the other way around. Those who see his post-presidency as a quest for redemption are half right -- but Carter is not trying to redeem himself, only the rest of humanity.

Jimmy Carter couldn't carry George W. Bush's water bucket, let alone Tony Blair's. It's a special kind of egomania he possesses, one that seems to grow in inverse proportion to both his advancing years -- when some men might speak in lower tones -- and to his record as president, about which others might not speak at all.


Democrats Need To Reprimand Carter - Now


Anonymous z said...

what a sad little man. Still, he prospers because people buy his books..they love to hate, and if you love to hate, THIS guy's your man. What a terrible precedent he's set for the future of America. I imagine an ex president who would rather die than be so insulting to a sitting president, remembering how important the office is and how our kids should respect that office no matter how this jerk likes what's going on there.

7:42 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

You see now at Lucianne? He's saying he was 'misunderstood' and 'wasn't speaking personally about Prez Bush'! What an outrageous lie!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous z said...

here's what he's saying TODAY!! "Carter was quoted Saturday as saying “I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history.”

The Georgia Democrat said Bush had overseen an “overt reversal of America’s basic values” as expressed by previous administrations, including that of his own father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Interviewed on the TODAY Show about the comments, Carter said, "They were maybe careless or misinterpreted." He said he “certainly was not talking personally about any president.”"

Excuse me...which president did he MEAN? The damage is DONE, you JACKASS....we know WHY you did it, the WORLD heard it, you unthinking, unconscienable GRANDSTANDER FOR YOURSELF!!
This MORONG should be LOCKED UP!

8:40 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

cahtah is a sad, bitter, useless old man, with no legacy of value and no respect. Why? He didn't earn any! He was a disaster as president, he is a liar, a boor, and a martinet!

I like Pres. Bush's remark, "Jimmy who?"

11:21 AM  
Anonymous z said...

tmw.......Bush said THAT? are you kidding? WONDERFUL!! I'd love to hear about that...!!


12:48 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

Hmmm he is some kind of expert on being a lousy President.

1:44 PM  

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