Monday, May 21, 2007

The Enemy At Home

Platforms Of the Enemy
By John Perazzo

It is every American’s right to dissent from the domestic and foreign policies of their government. However, when their country is attacked by adversaries who have sworn its destruction, and American critics use the platforms of the enemy as launching pads for their own attacks, other Americans may legitimately wonder about the loyalties such choices reveal.

The Iraq war is a conflict over which well-meaning Americans may reasonably disagree. Some critics argue, for example, that the Bush administration did not show enough patience prior to invading Iraq; that not every peaceful alternative was explored; that the Iraq conflict is a misguided distraction from the effort to track down Osama bin Laden and stabilize Afghanistan; or that the war cannot be won. Supporters of the war will disagree, but they will also recognize that these positions can be held by patriotic Americans who wish their country well.

But this benign attitude towards opponents of the war is bound to change when “critics” characterize their commander-in-chief as Adolf Hitler, their government as the Third Reich, and their nation as “the world’s greatest terrorist state.” Or when they seize any pretext to portray their country as a ruthless aggressor in the war, while painting their country’s enemies sympathetically as its victims.

When such hostile critics choose to make these charges from the media platforms of the enemy, their enterprise looks less like dissent within a shared community than a psychological warfare campaign to promote their countrymen’s defeat.



Anonymous bobcat said...

I feel that the Dims could, and would, hurt us more than the muslim terrorists.....

7:48 AM  

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