Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Idiocy Of the Democrat Party

As A Group,the 33%ers Are Growing Dangerously Unstable

Whether you encounter them at the office, or you hear them call into cspan, the 33% that STILL support Bush and his insane war are growing ever more unstable. You often hear Republicans who are pissed at Bush and his policies, (we) didn't used to hear from those folks at all until recently, but the stalwart-to-a-fault 33%ers (an ever decreasing percentage) are hanging on to every fantasy, every phony buzz phrase, every delusion beyond all logic and reason.

You can hear real desperation and rage in their voices--worse than their usual vitriol--they sound as if zombies were clawing at their kitchen doors. They're starting to really worry me, the poor things. These types of people are harmless enough individually but, as a collective group, they are more than just annoying--they start to become scary, and alarming.

If they can witness the same atrocities we've witnessed and STILL support the maniacal neo cons, despite every treason and tyranny and war crime and scandal, then I assume they are mentally unstable, dangerous to themselves and others, and must be watched and monitored.

They are not invaders from Mars, they are your brothers and sisters and moms and dads and neighbors, they are everywhere. I fear what they could be made to do by our unscrupulous, hell-bent-for-glory 'leaders'. (Philosoraptor)

This is a great study in the defense mechanism of projection. The Deluded Democrat Dipsticks want us to be in a one-down position. They only look at things that validate their own position and think anyone who doesn't see it their way is crazy.

Despite numerous episodes of acting-out that they've done (riding bicycles through traffic in San Francisco, pounding on cars and hollering at non bike riders, throwing urine-filled bottles at the police during the immigration riots in L.A., disrupting conservative speakers on campuses around the nation, etc.) they have the nerve to suggest that we are the ones who are becoming 'unstable'!

Well, pardon me, but it wasn't good Republicans who needed mental health counseling after President Bush won the election in 2004. It isn't OUR talk show hosts that get thrown off the air because of their tantrums like Don Imus and Rosie O'Donnell. It isn't our demonstrators who get thrown out of the Senate, or dragged off to jail as did Cindy Sheehan and her group.

The Democrat party is just trying to interject one more meme into mainstream consciousness--that we're 'crazy'--and that they are the ones who are so stable and dependable. Unfortunately, the only thing the Democrats 'dependably' do is intrigue against this country, pursue power for the sake of power, line their own pockets, push pork for their home constituencies, and lie to the American people.

They want to bring America to it's knees, they've tried to engineer a shadow government double-dealing with those in the middle east--and they'll do ANYTHING to sell us out. As Rush Limbaugh often says, they can't AFFORD to have us win in Iraq, so they'll do anything to make sure we lose.

I hope everyone notes how the Democrats WON'T keep us safe in the war on terror. Not only do they deny it's happening, they deliberately turn a blind eye to all that is going on with the hopes that we'll go under and they will be able to take over the government forever. They can't power-share, they can't take their turn--they want it all, they want it now--and simply because they think they're entitled.

One guy at DU, when I suggested true bipartisanship, actually told me "that's like someone who has been raped making nice with her attacker!". So, the cult of victimization rules the day and, soon, our country will be run by these perpetually aggrieved children.


Anonymous bobcat said...

And Les thinks WE drink the Kool-Aid! Listen to these nutbars....

9:58 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

Thank you, Donal, for bringing some common sense to dem screwball thinking. I couldn't have explained it better. It hurts my heart to hear how dems put-down this beautiful country. It hurts my heart to hear American citizens say what a rotten country they live in. Don't they see what a wonderful gift this country has been to the world? We are all so lucky to be born here. The people that hurt this country are people who make no effort to make it a better place to live. The people who hurt this country go out of their way to make negative contibutions. The people who hurt this country teach their children to hurt this country! The people who hurt this country make nice with the enemies of the United States of America.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

Dont worry. Cherry picking posts off DU is not representative of the Democratic party. The Democratic party is made up of millions of people who either work actively for the party or vote that way. More people identify with the Democratic party today than ever before. Much more than identify with the politics of greed and corruption of the Republican party. These are your friends, neighbors, your kids teachers, the policeman who comes to help, your local fireman, that kid in Iraq from around the corner and his parents. We have served proudly in the armed forces, we pay our taxes and we dont expect handouts from the government like many of people who wont pay their taxes or fair share. We give to charities, we volunteer and we go to church every Sunday. We dont hate our country, we love our country and want the best for EVERY American citizen.
So, I wont judge Republicans by the hateful slime on Free Republic,, LGF, Rush Limbaugh if you dont judge the Democrats by posts by DU. Other wise you will be missing out on some really great and interesting people.

4:52 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Catfleas, LES, means well, but he is deluded as to who is really in his party of choice. He insists that I 'cherry-pick' my posts when I have posted things with dozens of answers--each one worse than the one before it.

This post I posted is HIGHLY representative of the Democrat party; reasonable people like Les are the anomally.

If you don't think so, than ask yourself why our apt. manager here in libby Seattle told us not to post "W" signs in our windows lest they be shot out. We were told not to put 'Support the Troops' yellow ribbons in our cars lest they be 'keyed'. The Blue Angels come to perform every year at SeaFair and heard in our elevator was 'Those are just death machines of war!'

Sorry, Les, your party is the 'own defeat', 'bring down America', nutbar party of politics!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

And what wacky evidence does your apartment manager have? His own delusions? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard, that windows would be shot out. Did you ever try calling the police if you think you are threatened? I would be more worried about your wacky apartment manager to be honest with you, he sounds like a paranoid head case.

8:56 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

No, actually, all the property managers we looked at in downtown Seattle suggested this...

You're really in the dark about your party, Les. And our manager runs 2 18-storey highrises. My sis --who is out amongst the public everyday, or was, says she encounters similar attitudes wherever she goes. The folks she works with just naturally assume she's a libby...

10:10 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

P.S The evidence the property management has is that it's happened here before many times.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

Vandalism and terrorism, yes, shooting in your windows is terrorism, is not affiliated with any party. How come this form of terrorism is not on the national news? Why aren't people up in arms about this? Have you called the RNC? They could make alot of hay out of this for sure. You need to stand up to these people. Where I come from that is attempted murder. Do something if it is real.
But I really think your super has an overactive imagination. This is the stuff of national news, really.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous z said...

those Republicans who DU says are starting to voice discomfort with Bush are just listening to the know how difficult it is to combat that constant barrage? they should have watched Newt skewer Dodd this morning on was unbelievable. But, Americans are all for cut and run...after all MURTHA SAYS WE NEED TO LEAVE, and HE"S A MILITARY MAN! (hello? you hated military men and spat on them until they were supporting your anti-war policies and suddenly no serviceman can ever be wrong because they WERE servicemen? How's about the Swift boaters...ah the hypocrisy just NEVER ends.

It's difficult for Republicans...TV, Movies, All the networks, most of cable.......and most biased that you have to keep asking yourself why the Left doesn't at least respect the two party system anymore. When did sitting senators call a president a LIAR to kids and worse? Dignity's gone forever, thanks to the left. They're trying to vote on taxes without executive branch input (a la pelosi), they're trying to shut up talk radio, they're trying to take guns away.......this is America? this is free speech? wow.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

Actually, DU is more representative of the Democrat party than anyone will admit, especially Les. Do I need to bring up the first Democrat debate? Remember that it was the Nevada Democrat party that approached Fox for hosting the debates. That got quashed, which shows you something about who's running the party.

And let's not forget the national Democrat leaders -- these are the elected representatives. Biden, Murtha, Peliosi, Reid, and so forth? Democrat voters elected these guys, and there's a long track record of support for them, too.

Finally, studies have shown that liberals (most of whom are Democrats) attend church less regularly, donate less, and volunteer less than conservatives (again, most of whom are Republicans). So stating a bunch of platitutes only reveals your ignorance.

Finally, as to why the Seattle apartment managers said what they said, would you wake up and smell the coffee already, Les? The reason that stuff isn't widely reported is because it's COMMONPLACE. In addition to that, it'd have to survive the whole liberal supression network, from the reporter on the street, to his editor, to the wire services, to their editors, and so on.

Why is the internet fundamentally libertarian-conservative? Care to hazard a guess?

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

"The reason that stuff isn't widely reported is because it's COMMONPLACE. In addition to that, it'd have to survive the whole liberal supression network, from the reporter on the street, to his editor, to the wire services, to their editors, and so on."

RS - Are all of you guys such tinfoil conspiracy theorists? Have you called Rush Limbaugh? How about the WSJ? How about Lucianne? How come the wingnuts arent all over this???? I mean...just wondering....Care to hazard a guess? Well, I can tell you why, because you would laughed at, that is why. Call the RNC. If they wont stand up for you who will. I mean you are saying that anyone who sports a W sticker will be a victime of attempted murder! Quick, call better yet, call the Onion.

"Why is the internet fundamentally libertarian-conservative? Care to hazard a guess?"

Why dont you tell us?

RS You are the funniest guy(?). Really, how do you think of this stuff?

5:08 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

LES--Russet Shadows is right: it IS commonplace, entirely. And I can't call the police; we kept our pro-Bush stickers out of our windows so they WEREN'T shot out, our cars weren't keyed. I can't report something that didn't happen to us. (And why would a property manager mention something like that to clients? It's not something that makes his property more sellable. It must have been simply for our own good.)

On the news even events like ELF arson, letting minks out of their cages, creating a 'mink slick' on highways where thousands died, and ruining a family business, and spiking loggers trees (all of which regularly go on up here) only last a day or two and a brief mention--if that.

Sorry to tell you, but EVERYTHING is very Leftist up here. When it's a white on black crime, the persons photo gets shown and a big deal is made. When it's a black on white crime, it's hushed up, printed once, if at all, and the persons race and photo are never divulged.

Same for GOP vs. Dem rep crimes. For a city you've never been to, Les, you insist on telling me how it is here. You are the one drinking kool-aid, and you are totally blind and in denial about who and what your party is.

And OF COURSE it's central to one party and not the other. You'll RARELY if ever here that anyone on the right does such things. They are not the ones riding bicycles and pounding on cars in San Fran, they are not the ones protesting in the Senate until they get thrown out, they are not the ones arrested, they are not the ones asleep in a ditch in Crawford.

Wake up Les, this is not the GOP--IT'S YOU AND YOURS.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Les Ismore said...

Call the RNC. If this is commonplace, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Dont you think Karl Rove would want to know this? Talk about voter suppression, you are talking about murder. This must have happened someewhere, right, even if it is in your mind only now, right? Can you get a police report? Can you send an article about this to the RNC? Anything?
Oh right, the left wing media covers it up...
Donal, with all due respect, I dont believe this for one second. When I come to Seattle, I am going to wear a W t-shirt. Will I get shot? Will someone assault me?

I'm sorry. But again, with all due respect, your 'super' needs to get out more.

10:51 AM  

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