Saturday, May 19, 2007

Both Parties Are Making This Easier and Easier

Human Smugglers Launch 'Coyote Express' Into US

US officials deploying men, money and machines on Mexico's side of the border take note: undaunted human smugglers now offer illegal immigrants an "express" service into the United States.

Thousands of people have endured the two-day, non-stop exhausting desert trek by foot around border checkpoints to reach the United States every year, according to government statistics.

But now for an extra 2,000 dollars, human smugglers dubbed "coyotes" will sneak immigrants across the border in cars and trucks right under the noses of US agents, and then put them on a plane to the most favored destination, Washington.

Despite President George W. Bush's best efforts to seal the porous frontier, with plans for a controversial two-billion-dollar, 1,100-kilometer (700-mile) border fence, the influx of immigrants has barely slowed.

"Show me a 10-foot wall," Border Patrol union vice president Rich Pierce told AFP. "And I'll show you an 11-foot ladder."



Anonymous cassie said...

The dems have made this easier; it'll happen more and more now.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous CatFleas said...

It's always been easy to come across the border. But the dems are making it easier for "Mexican citizens" to stay in the U.S., and the dems are making it easier for Mexicans to pretend they are "United States citizens."

10:14 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

George Bush--and whomever he's in bed with--didn't help...

10:19 PM  

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