Monday, May 21, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles Rocks!

Combating the Moonbats: Times Square
Gathering Of Eagles

While Eagles nationwide were standing up to support our recruiters yesterday, GOE-NY had a special mission. They were countering antiwar leftists in Times Square. The moonbats were planning to show up and do what they called “Torture Theater,” or a “reenactment” of the “torture” that terrorist detainees are undergoing at Gitmo.

Never mind that there IS no torture at Gitmo. Never mind that as we speak, three of our nation’s soldiers are undergoing the most horrific torture imaginable at the hands of the enemy. These antiwar leftists have no couth, no respect, no love for our soldiers in harm’s way.
That’s why GOE-NY had to shut them down.

Eagles representing five states–and from as far away as North Carolina–converged on Times Square yesterday to answer the threat, and Dan Maloney, GOE-NY Coordinator, had a preliminary report on the event.

It was a GREAT day in Times Square!

We performed the ORA portion of our activity on schedule and the recruiters were very interested in hearing about GOE. The Company Commander for the NY area was there and invited us to talk at one of their affairs. Dr. Rauol’s gracious delivery of heros were a big hit and the recruiters came out later to enjoy the spectacle of us facing off against the moonbats saying it was the first time in recent memory when they could venture outside during a demonstration at their location.

Then the REAL fun began!

The Moonbats finally showed up to stage their anti-Gitmo street theater and found that we had secured the ground and would not let them get more than a foothold on it. They had to split their forces between a small group at the narrow point of the traffic island away from the recruiting station and on a street corner a block away.

We totally overwhelmed the small contingent immediately to our front while a small group of ours infiltrated their street theater act and poked fun at their representation of Guantanamo. You will notice our infiltrators in photos wearing orange ‘Club Gitmo’ t-shirts with snarky blurbs on the back.

We had passersby chanting USA! with us, we greeted several Iraq veterans and current duty servicemen as they passed by, we met a lady from Australia and a Lebanese man living in Germany who cheered us on. It was just a wonderful and fun time for every one of us. We handed out hundreds of our flyer describing what we were doing there today and inviting people to New London and West Point.

The point at which the moonbats slunk away was when we chanted “Where’s your flag!” and then deployed a giant American flag while we sang America the Beautiful and Star Spangled Banner before reciting the pledge of allegiance.

In all the action lasted mainly from 11:00am to 4:30pm. Some over achievers (I’m looking at you Jim B.!) staked out the ground at 8am!

The beautiful and resourceful Urban Infidel wrote a report and posted lots of photos on her blog ( as well as a slide show.

Please Visit Their Wonderful Site! :


Anonymous vanzorge said...

thank you for the shout-out. i have been with the gathering of eagles since it began in february of this year. it is a truly inspirational organization.
it is so refreshing to be involved with an organization that is comprised of people who love this country, who support the heroic sacrifices of the military, and who understand the real nature of the islamofascist threat to this country.


6:32 AM  
Anonymous DanNY said...

Thanks for picking up on our Times Square Action on May 19th!

We have two more big events coming this week:

New London, CT, Coast Guard Academy, Support our Graduates Rally, Wedensday, May 23rd

Highland Falls, NY, West Point, Support our Graduates Rally, Saturday, May 26th.

If you or any of your readers would like to stand up for America and Our Troops be there at 8:00am.

Warning: Look for the group sporting loads of American Flags!

Dan Maloney
New York Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

7:17 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Good job! Too bad I'm stuck here in Eureka, CA or I'd be happy to join you. I see our good lady Donal (VerityINK) has put you on her blogroll for easy access - I'll tell my friends!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

love you guys. keep up the good work!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous George Samek CW-3 US Army retired said...

NC Eagle. a with Belize, Cen Am ,Eagle will stand with both Conn & NY Eagles in support of our President, our nation & the fine new military officers at West Point & the USCG graduation,

God bless America & our brave military

6:49 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

George--GOOD JOB! You guys are great--I'll be with you in spirit for sure!

11:18 AM  

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