Thursday, May 24, 2007

DU: Killing Us Softly: Uncle Sam Wants You... To Die

FROM DU: Killing Us Softly: Uncle Sam Wants You... To Die
by Alan Bisbort

Our government is trying to kill us, one by one. That's the only way I can figure it. Maybe this is because they know they can't afford to keep all 300 million of us around until we get old because they've pissed away our Social Security nest-egg.

Maybe that's why they want us to die in their illegal preemptive wars (eight more Americans dead this week, for those keeping score at home). Or by succumbing to the pollutants they've allowed their partners in crime to release into our air and water. Or by being trapped in mineshafts or behind levees they were supposed to keep safe. Or by being so crushed by debt that we're driven to despair and vent our rage on each other or ourselves. Or by making it so easy for all of us to get guns that the job of killing each other will be much quicker. Or by pissing off the rest of the world sufficiently so that nukes or bio-weapons rain on our heads.

Hell, we can't even look forward to eating pet food like our grandparents are now having to do. As the recent wave of pet deaths have shown, they've poisoned our pet food too!

Only one conclusion is possible: The Republican Party has been trying to kill us. They have set up a system of such massive ineptitude and unaccountability that we can't focus on any real solution.

Under Bush, and with his six-year majority in Congress (until this January), the federal government has been one big Ba-Da-Bing Club, with favors parceled out to those who are part of the family and the creeps in charge hiding out in a back room, impossible to reach except through a series of greased palms. We are just now beginning to understand how corrupt the system has been; I would wager future revelations will astonish and disgust the historians.

The Food and Drug Administration -- theoretically in charge of keeping what we ingest -- is just one more link in the chain of deadly Mob-style governance. It's so corrupted by corporate influence and packed with partisan hacks that Phil Leotardo's New York sanitation engineers look like models of efficiency and responsibility by comparison.


The real beauty of the scam is that they don't even have to grease palms. They simply axe the funding for the agency. Since 2003, the FDA has cut field staff by 12 percent, which led to a drop of 32 percent in food inspections, which led ... well, you get the idea.

Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety said, "I call it 'Katrina on your plate.' You've got an agency, the FDA, that's understaffed, under-funded, without leadership, and is not doing its job, and it's causing a real-life suffering and death."

Like I said, they're trying to kill us. Thus, the question every American must ask themselves is this: Am I willing to die for George W. Bush?

This post from DU (and taken from the blog) is the most hilarious, maniacal bit of lunacy--DU is a virtual cavalcade of it, today--that I've ever read!

They give the President all their power; they say he's virtually responsible for every facet of every person's life--and the actions of the planet earth--in the history of mankind. He is not only blamed for every current condition, but they are setting it up to blame everything in the future on him, too (especially the 2008 presidency, as they anticipate that it will be a Dem president).

DUers have been making lots of comments about "Bush left such a mess, it'll take decades to straighten out!" They are trying to account and excuse any mistakes this supposed Democrat president will make by blaming them on Bush now.

Of course, these hypocrites say, at the same time, that Clinton couldn't possibly have caused 9/11 (though Atta and his boys settled in America, obtained their 'flight instructions', and honed their plans throughout his entire presidency). I guess that 'responsibility taking' is just for the grown ups--the Republican party--the Democrats eschew it entirely.

This is just still one more episode of Bush Derangement Syndrome run amok. Anything the Democrat party can do to blame everything on Bush, avoid taking any responsibility themselves, and play to the Loon City Left are the only things the Dems--and DU--have to offer anyone. For their hangers-on, that seems to be enough...


Anonymous catfleas said...

Pet food? I've never met anyone who ate pet food. Perhaps, we can all spare a can of pet food and mail it to a dem.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous z said...

Man, I guess Katrina was caused by Bush, too, huh? He has some deal with a wind machine? Trying to kill Black Americans, right?

these people at DU are demented; I'm actually starting to feel sorry for them. HELP ME, GOD!!!!!!

9:14 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

Let's see...if the government kills off one citizen a day, it should take approximately 82,000 plus years to rid the country of the each person.

5:41 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

I needed that!
BTW-Jingoist ranted and I posted it at my site! Another work of art from Morgan!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


5:43 AM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

And about Bill Clinton, let's compare presidential legacies. Clinton's legacy will always be Monica Lewinski. President Bush's legacy will be that he kept his country safe and strong after 9/11. I always wondered if Clinton thought, "Aw, shucks! I wanted the twin-towers attack to be during my presidency, so I could be important, not irrelevant."

5:59 AM  

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