Wednesday, May 30, 2007

THEIR Memorial Day vs. OUR Memorial Day

OUR Memorial Day Here:

Thank you to everyone who participated in, or 'watched' my Memorial Day Parade here at The DU d'RAT Review! Given the reactions I've received, it was a roaring success and a lot of fun!

Someplace that wasn't fun over the Memorial Day holiday weekend was the Democrat Underground. I scrolled through the worst of it to bring you the prevailing sentiments below, so you'll know EXACTLY how far the Democrats 'support the troops'.

It certainly puts paid to the lie that you can 'support the troops but not the war', as a recent commenter here has stated repeatedly (to no avail; we know how the Left really feels about the military.) If I had a chance to bequeath one sobriquet upon them I'd call them 'The Spitters'--those alive during the war in Viet Nam should know exactly what I mean...

Echoing this attitude was that of our lady Speaker Of the House--Nancy Pelosi. She made a mad-dash sprint to Greenland to 'watch the climate change' rather than spend any time honoring our troops or their sacrifice, participating in the laying of the wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, or giving a simple address or attending a church service. In fact, she made a particular point of being gone from Washington D.C. precisely so she WOULDN'T have to do any of those things.

DU's democrat party Leftists followed her lead; when I tuned into DU on Monday morning, there was not ONE tribute to the troops or positive thoughts about this country. In fact, as the day advanced, I scrolled through the continuing line up of posts there and found there was not any positive reference to our troops out of nearly 200 posts (each page of 'latest entries' holds upwards of 60 posts each, and I reviewed at least 3-4 pages of them before I stopped looking.)

I wonder how long I could've gone on or if there were ANY positive remembrances, or honor for our troops, from ANY of their 100,000-odd members?

THEIR Memorial Day At DU:

--Bush speaking at Arlington... He, of course is using his best 'I mourn the dead' voice. It was all applause and cheers for him when he appeared. Apparently no protestors were allowed in the area. Wonder what measures his Brown Shirts used to keep everyone but Bushbots out? Is this what our fallen died for?

--That's clearly a hand-picked crowd. Ugh - he speaks like a three year old and his body language screams that he doesn't want to be there. Then he stands with that weird arms-akimbo monkey pose next to a Marine like he's some big stud. What a disgusting, evil, vile little man.

--Having him at Arlington on a day like this Is disgusting. A coward standing before the brave. How could they desecrate the memories of these fallen heroes? He's a murderer visiting the scene of his crime. Too bad he's only visiting. All the while wondering how he could piss out JFK's Eternal Flame.

--How could they applaud when he came and when he left? These people are just as guilty as he is- by applauding him they are enabling him.

--You and I had the exact same thought. The fact that the craven coward is even allowed to set foot in the hallowed ground of Arlington Cemetery any day, but especially on Memorial Day, just sickens me. As for those who cheered him today, makes me wonder if they have any brain cells that work... The man has no shame... he's the most despicable man on planet earth.

--I don't think the terrorists are going to follow us home, I think. They are going to lead the way. We are creating so much hatred around the world it is inevitable in my mind that terrorism will soon become a common occurrence in the good ol' USofA. And I believe it could have been prevented by using our collective heads for more than a hat rack..If we analyze the different ways of combating ill will toward America, why would we pick the very worst way to be our official policy? IMO the answer is quite simple War Profiteering

--All the while believing that they had Divine Right to do so... The "we're doing it for their own good" syndrome. Bu$hco could NOT care less about "doing it for their own good" He and his corrupt corporate bidnez buddies are in it for the CA$H! Bottom line! If we were to learn from history, there would not have been a Wounded Knee, just as there would never have been a "War on Terra"- but we either aren't willing to learn, or we're too proud to believe we aren't "gods" of the world."The answer my friend is Blowin in the Wind, the answer is blowin in the wind..."

--Fascism is our fault. Who else is there to oppose this threat and these threateners? Congress? That's a hoot. These bush-type, reagan-types show up like clockwork whenever the left becomes lazy. They lack no energy to force their will upon us. Why would we expect some outside help? WE ARE THE WARRIORS FOR JUSTICE!

Unless we like wars for oil, halliburton mega-profits, gay smashing, civil liberty dissapearence, gulags, torture, endless wars, christian musclemen, moralizers, foxaganda, the trashing of science, then lets just stay home and watch them take everything and finally destroy that foul document called the Constitution. (They despise it).

The only semblence of leftism was demonstrated in Seattle at the WTO meeting. Civil disobedience has acheived nothing for us. Oh, I know, we are the peaceniks. Now our labors unions are dead. There was a time when labor was passionate and not above getting a little bloody. War demonstrators of the past were real and dead serious. Sometimes I think the ballot box is a useless way to effect change.

--We need to become serious students of people like Gandhi and MLK and learn/follow the tenets of non-cooperation and apply them to this corrupt, war mongering administration, as well as our Congressional House of Corporate Puppets. To be effective this MUST be sustained and done en masse. Easy to talk about, not so easy to put together, but we're fast running out of options.

--Disgusting, simply disgusting... (pic shown of President Bush laying wreath at Arlington). How dare this psychopath set foot on these hallowed grounds! If anyone ever deserved to be struck by lightning... He's the last person I wanted to see, today!

--The first thing I noticed was the pained look on his face. His reaction is probably along the vein of, "how many times have I told the clowns who work for me not to put me next to dead soldiers? HOW MANY TIMES?" Fucking dry drunk.

--If only spirits could rise from the dead, my father's and many more would have risen to drive him away from that hollowed ground.

--"CIC" = "Chickenshit In Charge". What nerve this silly motherfucker has...

--Fuck you, bush. Just FUCK you. Those who died in Iraq died for NOTHING. And you know it. And we know it. They died for nothing, you cynical, lying psychopath.


An Open Letter To Bush:

Dear George,

This last week, as you were once again spreading your propaganda at a Rose Garden press conference, a
bird came by to give you a gift that you so rightfully deserved. Yes, George you got shit on. After all these years of shitting on the American people, you got your payback.

And what did you do, you wiped off the shit with your bare hand. Of course the press barely noticed, because for you wiping off shit has become your area of expertise. They have allowed you to get yourself deep into shit for years, and then just simply wipe it off and go shake the hands of those who are willing to ignore the shit that covers you.

George, you have lied about a war that has killed hundreds of thousands. You have illegally monitored the phone calls of millions of innocent Americans. You have stolen large numbers votes in your illegitimate elections. You have killed, you have stolen, you have tortured, and you have lied over and over again. We have so much shit on you Mr. Bush, but you keep wiping that shit off with your bare hands. If people would only realize just how dirty your hands are you would have been impeached by now.

But our media never seems to notice all the shit that is dropped on you Mr. Bush, instead they pretend that shit doesn't exist. It is easy enough for them to ignore sparrow shit, but watch out because there is something much bigger than a sparrow flying through our skies.

Have you ever seen the movie Dumbo? It is about the very symbol of the Republican Party, an elephant. But Dumbo was different than the other elephants George, Dumbo was a good elephant who was mistreated by his peers because he was different. He was mistreated the same way that your party mistreats those who might be gay or from some other group your so-called "moral leaders" bash. Eventually though Dumbo felt the need to fly away, and fly away he did.

Yes Dumbo was special, Dumbo could soar through the skies. Now Dumbo is coming after you and we have fed him several buckets of Metamucil. Be prepared for Operation Dumbo Drop George because we are ready to see the shit drop on you like never before.

We have our people working every day to expose all the shit you have created in this world Mr. Bush, and one day we are going to make sure that shit all gets dumped on you in one giant plop.The American people will see how full of shit you are, and the American people will call for you to get your act cleaned up.

It is time to wash the shit you have brought upon this world away George, It is time to flush you and your administration down the toilet once and for all.


A person who uses toilet paper, not his bare hand.


--Bush invited Rolling Thunder to the White House, so why isn't he inviting vets against the war or protestors?

--A man I work with who is a lifelong biker and served two tours in Vietnam joined this group one year for the big ride. He told me they were the biggest bunch of nut cases he had ever seen. He also felt that many of them were either totally fabricating their "experience in Nam" or had not served at all. He was disgusted by the whole thing.

--The only thing I know is that they are a bunch of old women and men who claim that they are vietnam vets,and they ride motorcycles and wear leather jackets. They also love to pick fights with bush protestors,which they did at an earlier protest this year. What they need to do is take their asses over to Iraq and start doing what their commander and thief has commanded them to do,seeing that he has hypnotized these people into believing the bushit...

--I served during Vietnam but spent the two years in the States. I don't know a single combat vet who brags about their experiences other than the ones who are just making shit up to impress people. There was this one guy who use to tell me about all his combat exploits in 'Nam. One day a friend of mine started drilling this guy. The friend had served two tours with the Marines in 'Nam. He did some checking after this little session and discovered that this so called "combat vet" was actually a fucking mechanic who had never even fired a weapon over there.

--Bush, why didn't you enlist these folks for your eye-rakee surge? Oh yeah I forgot: Like shrub, they're chickenhawks.

So, you can see that this war isn't about the troops at all. These people have no clue as to who and what our troops are made of. Their Bush Derangement Syndrome has so completely overtaken them that they can't see past it. I thoroughly expect them to have a terrible shock when the wake up the morning of the next presidential election and they die from not seeing Bush on the ticket!

The d'Rats can't even talk about the troops for a few minutes without always bringing it back to Bush and/or 'Bush's War'. They denigrate those that come to honor the troops in their stead. Those brave members of Rolling Thunder, who are the vets that come from all over the country to guard our war memorials from being vandalized by the anti-war protestors, have seemingly earned their special scorn. Even the few liberals that post on MY blog make excuses and downplay violence by the Left.

Something is always more important to the Dems, the d'Rats, the Leftist nihilists among us; it's always about them. Before you vote in the next election ask yourself "Are these people gonna keep me and our country safe?" Is this candidate going to have my best interests at heart?" If they can't even spend one post, one comment, one minute in a silent remembrance to our troops--what makes you think they'd EVER think about you?


Anonymous teller said...

Wow, Donal, I wouldn't have thought an innocent holiday like Memorial Day would engender such rabid blather.

At DU, they need to get a gripe; they sound like awful people!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope all had a good weekend.

The folks over at DU are in such a state of confusion. There are twenty posts hailing Sheehan or Chavez and another twenty assailing the same two. It is fun to watch these folks go nuts on each other.

They eat each other alive. If one person is not as 'progressive' as another - they may get called all sorts of names (worst being 'repug') and flamed.

On the WORST day at FPM, we are all in the choir (fighting the likes of Uptown, Ernesto et. al.) and even when we disagree - it is almost always civil. I have NEVER been flamed on FPM, but everyone fights at DU.

They really are like little children.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

I can't BELIEVE those sorry pukes at DU! Leave it to them to take a very decent and honorable holiday and fuck it up with their own self-centered agenda.

I can't believe what they said about Rolling Thunder! I bet they wouldn't say that in front of a group of them!

3:51 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

Phandancer, 'children' doesn't even begin to explain this kind of hatred!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were ugly, weird, pathological little leftists! That's just one more reason to say your prayers at dinner or at night, to thank G-d above that you're not an insanely hate-filled leftist.

About nutty Nancy's absence on Memorial Day. Global warming and extreme environmentalism is a religion of sorts. To her this may have been a far more worthy cause than paying tribute to real heroes.

We sane conservatives understand who the ultimate King of the Universe is, lefties are convinced it's THEM! So if man IS the be all and end all on earth, surely he's responsible for the ever-changing weather too!

I get nauseous trying to think like a leftist. It requires going back to twelve years old!


4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful card DONAL! It made my day.


4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such delightful little bastards, aren't they? Full of contradictions they aren't even aware of. They hate the Commader-in-Chief yet talk about ''brave troops''. Further contradictions are revealed by their over-riding hatered of the military and America over all. Scintillating little pukes really. Johnnymac.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Morgan, I got your voice-mail bubba but I wasn''t able to listen to you on Hannity. Can't play a radio where I work:-(. Hey, whats this about a card? You have a birthday or something? J'Mac.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya Johnny I got to talk to him about this illegal alien amnesty bill in the congress. My intention was to get a message to our RINO Senators that they're really screwing up BIGTIME! You wanna know what the most intriguing thing is?
When describing to Sean the terrible effect that this bill was having on our local Republican Party I said that it was causing a deep "fracture" between between conservatives who want a wall first, and RINOS who just want a bill! I used the word "fracture" twice and guess what happened:

Frank Luntz and Sean Hannity used the same word on Hannity and Colmes! I'm not sure, but if I was a betting man I'd say I started it.

You know something Johnny, just when working stiffs like you and I and DONAL are finally able to get a conservative message out there, these basta-ds are going to try like hell to shut it down with the Fairness Doctrine. That's how they'll silence talk radio. They'll come after these blogs by calling them "hate sites" or some other silly-ass euphemism.

When they do that, the NRA has already promised to broadcast from a ship stationed 2.5 miles from the shore. These leftists are nothing more than Stalinists who have taken a shower!


Memorial Day was my b-day. We went to Al's pizza. Fun!

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I dont think any of the DU'ers are running for President so not to worry.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well remember the immortal words of Tom Delay.
"I can support the troops without supporting the President"

Yes, folks, please explain the wisdom of that thought.


5:09 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ANONYMOUS--The unique thing about my showing the same attitudes and feeling from so many places is that they are representative of Leftist, Democrat party thought.

Those that are running for president have these same attitudes. Just because they are more subtle in their distribution doesn't mean they don't fuel ALL of Leftist/Dem thought in the least!

I am quite well aware of the Leftist tactic of saying I 'cherry pick' examples because I have neither time, nor space, nor ability to put down every single thing every single Leftist/Dem has said in their whole life--so your tactics don't cut any ice with me. Your argument is a non sequitur.

At the same time, you mention ONE Republican, with ONE sentence, ONE time and you use that as the sole representation of evidence for ALL of rightwing thinking.

You don't even nominally go to the trouble of using more examples, distinguishing between actions and boilerplate, or using an actual credible example; if I had used Tom DeLay as an exmple, you'd have immediately pounced on it, mentioned his legal troubles, and imply that they discredited him. Why is he a stellar example for YOU and YOURS then?

Instead of trying to attack ME, the messenger, why don't you actually prove what you're saying (and without DeLay's massively ineffectual help...)

7:23 AM  
Anonymous galen said...

These people are a true piece of work!

Nice little blog you've got here, Verity!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous galen said...

PS, does that mean you are 'truth ink'?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Russet Shadows said...

The first shot has already been fired in the war to silence opposing opinions. The "civility crusade" is upon us. More here.

Once again, I salute you for exposing the Left for what they are. We are the modern-day muckrakers.

5:40 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you, Russet Shadows--nice to have you back!

Galen, yes 'verity' means truth, so I guess I am 'TruthINK'!

8:13 PM  

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