Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Islam-O-Fascists Must be Happier than a Pig in Fresh Mud

The Islam-O-Fascists Must be Happier than a Pig in Fresh Mud

The Islam-O-Fascists must be happier than a pig in fresh mud as they watch our nation become more cleaved than Pam Anderson’s hooters. I’m certain the terrorists, both here and abroad, are having a good jihadic giggle over a smoldering hookah as they view our wilting will to war.

Yeah, I bet Bin Laden is blowing blond Lebanese smoke rings right now, as his group regroups with fresh enthusiasm regarding how they can kill us while we’re embroiled in a divisive, political whizzing match over what to do with people who want to kill us.

They are probably sharpening their scimitars on their whet stone even as I write this, while some of their thicker ones try on their new suicide bomber jackets and still others wait for FedEx to deliver a fresh supply of plutonium to their Afghani bat cave.

As a conservative, I’ve got issues that are obviously very important to me . . . stuff that I’ll fight over, split over—and a couple I’ll die/kill for; however, my primary concern since 9/11 is that we continue to have a nation to debate and divide in.


At rock bottom, this is the position mostof the conservatives I know take; the survival of America is the most important thing to them. We're not looking for the perfect, most eclectic, metrosexual, PC 'boyfriend' to be our President.

He doesn't have to be perfect--he just has to keep us safe (and, yes, I deliberately use the 'he' pronoun because, with the islamic threat out there, I think only a man would have any credibility with them.) We are not ready for a female President, yet.


Anonymous bobcat said...

True, Donal. At rock bottom, we just want to be safe.

3:01 PM  

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