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A Gentleman In The White House

A Gentleman In The White House

Leadership: George W. Bush has suffered more barbs than any president since Richard Nixon. His critics could never display the decency he has shown for more than seven years on the national political stage.

He's been called everything from Hitler to an ape. In between there have been accusations from public figures, some of them elected officials, that he is a liar, Alfred E. Neuman, an idiot, a drunk, a moron, Beelzebub, George bin Bush, a terrorist and a son of a bitch.

Compared to such terms of endearment, calling him a greedy oil man who has blithely sent American boys to die in Middle Eastern deserts so he and his cronies could reap the financial benefits is almost a compliment.

Before he was elected in 2000 and afterward, America was told by many that Bush is a shallow simpleton who lacks intellectual curiosity. "Doonesbury" cartoonist Gary Trudeau was happy, we're sure, to sustain the myth that Bush's IQ was 91, the lowest of any modern president. Comedians have ridiculed him without mercy.

How has Bush responded to all these slurs? With a grace that lesser men, particularly his critics, could not have mustered.


However many may disagree with President Bush, he never disgraced the office by talk of interns, snapping thongs, humidors--and what the meaning of "is" is...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you DONAL, George W. has been a good President and a wonderful man. We have kept the barbarians of Islam at bay as our economy has benefitted EVERYONE capable of stringing more than 4 words together. Due to Bush's tax cuts and vigorous defense of America we are enjoying the best of times.

The Bushes are fine people and we are blessed to have them.

Let's hope that the Prez can concentrate just a little more on NOT infuriating the base for a change. People like you and I and JM have stood by him through thick and thin because we understand the big picture more than most. This border issue has REALLY infuriated me! I sure hope he drops it....


5:51 PM  
Anonymous catfleas said...

Here! Here! Morgan, you said it just right. Under a barrage of political, media, Democrat, and Internet abuse, our President has remained an honorable personage. He is a man to be admired in the history books of this country.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks catfleas, he will be remembered as an honorable man dealing with a Democrat den of thieves.

Early in his Presidency he bravely tried to fix a TRUE looming crisis for America. Social Security. All he wanted to do was enable those under 55 years old to set aside 10% of their social security tax for their OWN retirement. Politically speaking this took GUTS! All of the Democrats and some sissified RINOS killed even this modest reform.

He tried to fix just a little bit of the socialistic nightmare that is Social Security and he paid dearly for it. I will always give him credit for that.


3:54 AM  
Anonymous z said...

I hate a lot of what he does, but I SURE don't hate the man...or his lovely, dignified wife, the likes of whom we may never see in the White House again, frankly.

He is honorable, kind, means well, and wants SO badly for the world to be what WE want it to be (except he wants it mostly Hispanic, and as much as I love some Hispanics, the word ILLEGAL before their moniker has VERY much turned me off)....he wants to be able to trust a man who gives his word, to beieve that all people are good, that Americans are all fighting together.

It must be SO disheartening for him to try to articulate Iraq and get NOWHERE, how I wish he was a better speaker. Ever notice he's far better without prompters, showing he is SO not as stupid as some like to portray him?

Also, he's been backed for 6 years by people who have such a disconnect with their own party that they've fired the phone banks complaining NO money is coming into the RNC so they must not be doing their jobs. Rove et al must honestly not get the reason I and so many other staunch Repubicans have stopped giving THOUGH we've been articulate TO the phone bank lovely callers in the reasons...WHy can't Rove see that? Is this a good reason Bush hasn't been better received by the public? Are his advisors really THAT disconnected and not understanding the hatred for Bush out there that they'd run a video on American Idol of the Bushes thinking it would be well rec'd and getting nothing but utter disgust from the BUsh-hating pubic instead? I mean, who MOSTLY watches American Idol, good traditional Repubican base people who that video MIGHT have played well to or indoctrinated AMerican youth who barf every time they hear the word REPUBLICAN let alone BUSH?

Bush deserved better behind him..


4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are great. The last people who believe the Constitution is just a piece of paper to be ignored when it is inconvenient. I think W's story about overcoming drugs and alcohol is a wonderful story of the power of a mans will, but what he has done to this country, is shameful. Well, I know Morgan & Barney will still support him. And I am sure he is thankful for that.

4:14 PM  

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